10. The day the fish left me

sob..sob... what a way to start my Friday.

Was getting ready to walk out of my house this morning to get to work, and suddenly I just have the notion of taking a look at my 2 little fish...but I saw only one. I tried hard to search for its mate, thinking it would be hiding among the small rocks. But it was nowhere in hiding. My greatest fear was about to be realised...

I saw the little body floating upside down in one corner of the aquarium. Poor poor thing...it looked so pale. Those two little blue neon tetra fish were my favourites. They had survived quite long in my aquarium, swimming blissfully everyday, hiding among the leaves sometimes, or swimming to and fro aimlessly. They have given me much pleasure just to look at and care for them.

Maybe it's just time to go for the little tetra. It has served its purpose by bringing some joy to me and people in my life. And it's time to move on...

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