Pan Mee @ Ikano Power Center

While picking up Kiko from the pet shop in Ikano Power Center (Location map), we had stopped by this place selling Pan Mee in Ikano for lunch.

I forgot to notice the name of the stall, however it is called 面粉居(Mian Fen Ju) in Chinese, basically means "house of noodles". The menu shows different varieties of Pan Mee, and limited drink choices.

I wanted something spicy so I ordered Curry Chicken Pan Mee, while N went for Sambal Dried Shrimps Pan Mee. The pan mee was supposedly "home-made", so it looks and tasted coarser.

Mine looked rather promising when the bowl was served. It was dried curry chicken rendang over the noodles, sprinkled with chopped spring onions. N's looked promising too, with the minced sambal dried shrimps and chopped spring onions, though the portion looked abit too small.

However, to my surprise (and dismay), my curry chicken was too hot for tastebuds! (even for a spicy food lover like me). So I was not enjoying the pan mee at all. I was basically picking the chicken bits, trying to separate the rendang gravy away from my noodles. In the end, I didn't finish it, it was too much spicyness for me. N however slurped up his noodles.

So if you happen to visit this stall, pls stay away from the curry chicken pan mee, try the non-spicy ones instead. :P

Sambal dried shrimps pan mee

Curry chicken pan mee


1st Housewarming Party @ May-2nd

We had our very first housewarming party earlier this month. It was almost an impromptu party, as we only decided to have a party a week after C&Y's wedding, so that the couple could join in the fun before they flew off.

It was most fortunate that most of our friends still managed to come on that day. N & I had just brought back Kiko the previous day, we were busy attending to Kiko and still had to clean up the house for the party. Both of us were excited with the new pup and also hosting our very first party at home!

We came back from groceries shopping just in time to greet the first batch of visitors. I had pondered many times over the menu for the night, should I cook, steamboat or get some fast food. I knew I couldn't cook for a big crowd, and I don't have a steamboat pot, the dining table can't fit a crowd for sit down dinner... so the best option is to have a finger food ala Pizza Hut's pizzas and roasted chickens from Ayamas, plus some fried nuggets and cocktail sausages, salads and fruits.

The gals popped in early to help me out with the preparations. Thanks to MC, MY and Y who helped me with the cocktail sticks and salad for the night! And also thanks to my dear friends for all the generous housewarming gifts.

We enjoyed ourselves very much watching the wedding photos and videos of C&Y and N&myself, flipping wedding albums, and catching up with each other.

I was glad the party went well. Here are some photos taken courtesy of MY.


My favourite perfume - Miss Dior Cherie

There this perfume from Christian Dior that I like particularly - Miss Dior Cherie. It was a gift from N from one of his business trips because I did not get to tag along :P

This perfume's smell was abit too strong for me. I only use it during night functions, particularly when I know I'll be in air-conditioned room. It has this very strong sweet smell, though with my inexperienced nose I can't really tell what those mixed smells are. I googled it, and found that it has notes of Green Tangerine, Violette, Pink Jasmine, Patchouli, Crystalline Musk, Strawberry Leaves, Caramelized Popcorn and Strawberry Sorbet. The smell is long lasting, and can last me through the whole day.

The perfume bottle is cute too, a transparent square bottle with a ribbon design on the cap. I like those open-and-spray type of perfume bottle, which makes application easy without the need to dab the perfume with my fingers. Everytime I use this perfume, it evokes the girlish, flirty, naughty feelings in me.

So if you like this peachy sweet smell, head to a
cologne and perfume store and get a bottle of it too!

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Angkor Wat, I'm coming!

Angkor Wat is on my mind. That will be one my next holiday destinations for this year.

My fingers cramped from clicking on AirAsia’s website, searching for the lowest fares.

My eyes got blurry from scanning pages and pages of travel info about Cambodia.

My focus got diverted from work thinking about places I would visit in Cambodia.

So anyone interested to join me and N? I’ve set my eyes sometime for a 5d4N stay in September. I'll be covering two cities - Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Leave me a comment if you have links or info to help me in planning my travel. If you wish to join me too, ping me! :-)


Maldives Honeymoon trip - Day 3

Woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise. Took photos.

Saw 3 sharks right in front of our bungalow. Took more sunrise photos at the beach.

Snorkeling around our water bungalow area. Called off joining the snorkeling trip organized by the resort & hung out at the balcony readingThe Gift from Cecilia Ahern from the library. Short nap in the room.

Woke up for lunch, had Club Sandwich and Chocolate Milkshake at the Village. Very hot weather, walked around and played table tennis. More reading in the room and afternoon nap.

Woke up for sunset cruise. We were served champagne on the boat. Took pictures of sunset.

Dinner at Thai Restaurant again. Disappointing ginger crab dish and lotus tea. Chilled out at the lounge again listening to a live band.

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