11. "Fish-warming" party

Lost one of my dear tetra fish last Friday. Had made a mental note to find more companions for the remaining one last weekend. So Nix and I headed to a fish shop last Sunday afternoon to get some.

Had never noticed the shop before though I guess it must have been operating quite some time. This shop has more variety of fish and boy, was I glad to see more tetras swimming in one of the tanks. Spent a while looking at the different fishes in the shop, pointing here and there while admiring the colour and beauty of the them, and laughing ourselves silly over the funny antics of the fishes.

Finally I got six tetras ( *one came free when I got five of them ), and RM1 of fifteen small cute koi fish ( *there were seventeen of them when I counted them, probably it's the shop owner bonus for me :P ). Both of us were excited to bring them home and release them into the aquarium.

Mom and grandma were equally excited to see the new fishes, giving advices now and then, and busy checking on the fish if they were still alive and swimming. The tetras seemed to be quite fine, zipping across the little aquarium exploring their new home. But the koi were way too shy, peeking and hiding beneath the water plants whenever I go near, only popping out when no one's near.

The red and orange colours of the koi swimming gleefully among the green water plants makes it a amusing and engrossing watch. And I'm actually stealing a glance or two at those little cute fishes while blogging this. See if you can spot the koi among the water plants in these pictures!
Anyone fancy fish for a pet? ;-)

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