18. SantaGram

Ho ho ho!... It's not X'mas yet, but I just found this lovely idea from this site www.santagram.co.uk

Just to keep the X'mas spirit alive, believing in Santa has never been more fun! Remember back then, some of us used to believe Santa is alive, and writting X'mas wish list to him, hoping you're listed in Santa's good book? Well, there's a better way to keep the tradition going at this site...

You can choose to send a personalised message in a nice Santa postcard, supposedly from Santa himself, to your children, nieces, nephews etc. Eventhough the target age group are meant to be children, but they have been occasions where SantaGram has been sent to Children as old as 102! Or even a 54-year-old CEO of a company!

This is how it works...the sender has to provide some personal details of the recipient, which makes the letter a little more interesting and personal to the recipient. Plus every SantaGram comes with a free gift. Each letter will be written in a personalised text font to give the impression that Santa himself has personally written it. The letter will be a treasure to keep.

This is surely a way to capture the magic of X'mas, I wonder when will Pos Malaysia come up with this charming idea.

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