09. Newbie at work - Part 2

scribble...scribble...swirling the pencil with my fingers, look left, look right, stare right in front of my computer screen...click this, press Enter, type ...type...type... glugg...glugg..glug (*drinking water*)....click click...scratch scratch (*itchy head*) ..

That's me in the office ever since I started working at here at CV. I'm gettin glued to my seat and my eyes are sored staring at the screen trying to look busy. And thinking hard how to pass time and be "productive"...hahaha...

I had thought my first month here would be busy learning new things on the job. But other than my first business trip to Brunei after joining CV on my 5th day, working life here has been at a slow-mo pace. Brunei trip was a lil rushing, I haven't even get to know everyone in the office or get around settling down, and I had to travel with my proj manager and another colleague working on the new project. The most awkward part is that my travel partners are totally strangers to me! Lucky thing that they were both female. Anyway, they have been quite friendly to me during the short trip. In fact I've quickly got to know both of them in a short period of time considering that we spent the entire time there together (well..of course excluding the time when we go for toilet breaks :P)

Back to office in the 2nd week after my trip, I almost bored myself to death.. X_X Terrible..terrible.. I'm amazed I'm still surviving and sitting right at my desk writting this now.. (just one of the many ways to pass time). At first there were a little work to do, busy preparing some process flow charts and reviewing them with VV. Then they told me I've to take over BL maintenance project. Ok, this is going to be tough juggling 2 projects. That's what I thought. But besides the first handover meeting from BB, there was no further news from that end. Well, well...maybe it's the calm before the storm.

Then VV suggested I attend the briefing on IBM Workplace on last Thursday. I wasn't too eager then. But I was glad that I did go, it was better than doing nothing in the office. Can't even recall when was the last time I went to such briefings (which were quite a norm for us back when I worked in Axis). These events are the "happening" places for developers to meet and socialise, get updated on the latest technologies and products, and also to sit ourselves silly listening to the long list of speakers and yawning at the presentation slides. Boring they may be, but I like to see it as the fastest way to get updates from the industry, familiarised with the products and and also know who the competitors are.

The event was not a big affair, nevertheless, I met one of my ex-managers from GSD, NA and also my college senior there. I didn't think that NA would recall my face, so I didn't bother to say hi. (that's a fact, dude! don't want to embarass myself if NA thinks I'm a stranger). Lucky it was the other way round with my senior, Ku. Besides catching up on each other's news, we also talked about some prospective jobs and how to apply those IBM products for the clients.
Didn't get to enjoy the food much (hey, I'm not that kiasu ok?), though I must say that the apple pie served during the break was extremely delicious! It was a last minute choice, I'm glad I didn't miss that :P

This week in office was starting to get a little unbearable. I tried to be initiative by preparing plans and scope to be covered, reading up project case studies and documentation, and surfing and digging for information on IBM websites. All the while getting blurry-eyed browsing lines and lines of information. (someone help me!! *arms flailing*, I think there's an information overload situation here!!)

My only hope of releasing stress ad boredom is writting nonsense here...at least it keeps my "creative juices" flowing :P Just hope nobody finds me bored to death...gasp...gasp...!! X_X

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