13. Things that couples do - Part 2

So here you are reading the 2nd part of this series... Haha... the 1st part didn't work out for you huh? Ok, read on...

Part 2
Are you an animal lover? Do you have pets? If so, this might be for you.
I am not a big lover of dogs and cats, but if you read my previous blogs, you can guess what's my pet. For those who has no clue, I've my neon tetras as my pet. Recently, I've added little koi fish to my collection. I do remember reading somewhere in those health mags that advocate rearing pets as a companion because they bring joy to the owner, which also helps promote longer life in older people. Amazing ain't it?

Nix has an arowana, which he nicknamed it as "Ah Long Gor" (*literally means Ah Long big brother"). As much as I would like to name my fishes, I just can't differentiate them as they all look totally similar to me. And it totally makes no sense in naming them because they can't understand you when the name is called!

As both of us like fish, popping in to the pet or fish shops are one those things which we like to do. We would be busy admiring the colourful fishes, discussing which would make a good showpiece, and which would be nice to be added to collection. Most of the time, we would be window-shopping, never really bought anything from those shops, except on occasional trips to get new fish for my aquarium (*usually when the numbers are dwindling in my aquarium :P).

Even if you don't fancy fishy pets, there're many more kinds of animals to be adopted as pets. The furry animals are fun to watch, they are so cute and adorable. I love watching the hamsters in those shops, they would be busy running around like no people's business, or they could be stacked up together in one corner, shivering themselves while snoozing. Ooh....they are just so cute!

ou might be wondering and asking me does anything good come out of this for the couple? I don't know about you, but I'm sure it does for me. It's a common love that Nix and I share, and we are on the same wavelength when we talk about pets. And we get equally excited when get new fishes, and laughing when we think of some crazy ideas about pets. Well, when you run out of topic between the two of you, pets is an interesting topic and it helps to bond your relationship.

Hey, haven't you came across the old story of pets as matchmakers in boy-meets-girl senario? Maybe it's time to head for the pet shop for you...

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