Sharing: Jendela IT

Got another newbie "kaki" who just joined in the bloggers' world. Check out this blog, http://jendelait.blogspot.com

Oh, but you gotta know how to read Malay though, because this is a blog in Malay. T.B is blogging about IT news in Malay, konon-konon nak bagi pembaca-pembaca bahasa melayu lah tu... and also wanted to explore dia punya proficiency in bahasa melayu, tak tau lah tu...but so far I've read the articles, and nasib baik tu...I can still understand lah :P
Anyway, it does bring a change to read IT news in Malay. Easier to understand gua? Judge for yourself! Oh, be kind enough to put your comments for this newbie blogger ok?

OMG, I'm starting to blabbler in rojak manglish! duh~ anyway, this will add to my list of blogs to read when i'm bored with time to spare.

Sharing: Blog shares

I was idling after lunch, and just thought of googling my blog. Most results were pretty predictable, but this one caught my interest. Ha! A fantasy blog stock market site - http://blogshares.com

And I clicked on this blog's share and found out how "valuable" my site is, apparently it's valued at B$6,874.20 (*note: B$ is in blogshare currency). hahaha..what an interesting find for the day. The shares are valued based on the incoming/outgoing links and some other factors.

If your blogsite has been indexed, try to run a search on this site to see how your blogshare is trading. Got these few links for my circle of bloggers, check them out!


Sharing: My little niece

I used to remember having good times with my cousins. Now there are so many young ones popping out, faces changed, and I can't seem to remember their faces and names. (*whoa.. I feel old... :P)

Just when you thought you want to recall their names, now comes the next generation whether you are ready or not. (*oh my gosh! I'm an auntie now..hahaha) And this cute little girl here is my little niece (my younger cousin sis's daughter). She's nibbling on the lil piece of guava, staying close to her grandma.

Oh, pssst...she has a baby sister. I haven't go the chance to meet her yet. Anyone interested? hahaha.. :P


Masak-masak: Pork and Shrimps Dumplings

This is the first time I tried my hands at making dumplings. To make things easier, I got the one packet of dumpling skins (RM1.65) from Tesco. It has about 27 sheets in a packet.

- a small tray of minced pork (just get one from the supermarket)
- shrimps (0.5 kg, peeled and cut in smaller pieces)
- 2 red onions (diced it finely)
- black fungus/"muk yee" (cut into fine shrips)
- 2 carrots (shredded into fine shrips)
- 3-4 teapoons of cornstarch
- 5-6 tablespoons of soy sauce
- 3-4 teaspoons of white pepper
- few dashes of sesame oil
- a few stalks of "hongkong choi sum" / or sawi (for soup)
- a handful of anchovies (for boiling the soup)

Method (the dumplings):
1. Mix in cornstarch to the minced pork.
2. Then mix in the shrimps, soy sauce, white pepper, and sesame oil. Mash everything in the mixing bowl.
3. Add in the carrots, onions and black fungus into the bowl. Mix well. Add more soy sauce if necessary.
4. Scoop a spoonful of the ingredients and put in the middle of the dumpling skin. Then fold it half-moon shape. Use your fingers to pinch the edges to make it stick and close the half-moon dumpling. Wet the edges with some water or egg white if necessary.

(the soup)
1. Put in anchovies and bring a half pot of water to boil.
2. Drop the dumplings gently one-by-one into the boiling pot.
3. When the dumplings float to the top, and the skin is translucent, scoop it out into a soup bowl.
4. Add in the few stalks of vege and scoop out when cooked. Put them on top of the dumplings in the bowl.
5. Pour the remaining soup into the serving bowl.

Ready to serve!

*My dad commented it was not salty enough, so I guess more soy sauce or salt need to be added to the recipe. Of course the actual ingredients can be changed to suit your preference.

My life: My new "baby" came!

Hehehe...finally my new "baby" came. Yup, in shining silver...just like the charming prince in the fairytales. And I can finally put my bums on the seat, and place my hands on the steering wheel. Aaah~ yup, it does feel good to own this "baby".

Manuevering is definitely smoother and lighter, it responds faster to my every whims and fancy. Not that I've too many though... :P

Everything's just perfect. (*ok, maybe the shot of "baby" is not that perfect lah...what to do...camera phone lah..only 1.3 MP. hehe)


My life: Fiancee-to-be?

I just realised I got a new nickname this morning. Though it doesn't count as something new, it did however caught me offguarded to actually hear anyone calling me that. Haha...and I thought I was always just "N's gf". haha...silly me. But it was kinda sweet ('',)

N was picking up his colleague, the hunky American who looked like a blind mat salleh with shades and walking stick, on the way to work this morning. And when that mr mat salleh hopped into the back seat, he just blurted out, "Hey, good morning N's fiancee-to-be..."

Yah... you could guess how I looked then. Totally blur for a few secs, figuring did I heard him correctly. Then my brain sort of confirmed my suspicions, "yeah...that should be referring to me". before I regained my composure and managed to greet him with the usual "good morning". Duh~

With few friends' weddings happening around me lately.. this is getting abit nuts. I kept having to relay friends' wedding invitations to N. Shh...keep this secret k? I don't want N to have this silly idea that I'm hinting anything to him, at least not now yet. haha :P


My life: My mind in a day at work

Got this D's blog. Found this cartoon cute how it resembles quite similarly to boring working days in office. haha...no meh? look again and think carefully, you will see the similarities :P

Ok, here goes my version...

9am: Get my milo/ coffee/ tea fix from the coffee machine and take my brekkie.

9:30am: Read mails and news surfing

10am: Think about to do list.

11am: Think about lunch.

12am: No work please... Food only.

1pm: Think about zzz...

2pm: Still thinking about zzz..and more zzz...

3pm: Need a sugar fix, to the coffee machine again.

4pm: 2 more hours to go and I'm free!

5pm: Games/ gym/ movie/ dinner?

6pm: All systems shutdown. I'm FREE!

hahaha...now what's your version?


Sharing: Personality Colour

Post lunch hours are always a bore. My eyes always start to droop, my brain suddenly switched on to its sleep mode, and everything seems to slower down their pace. So I took this little quiz to find out my personality colour...

Comfort Creator

Generous and affectionate, you are never happier that when you are spoiling yourself and others. You want your home to be as welcoming as you are, a cosy and comforting space enlivened with splashes of cheerful, bright colour. Autumnal gold and roasted reds add a note of sumptuous warmth and are the perfect colours to curl up in whatever the season. Gilded picture frames and hand finished accessories like door handles can make the difference between a welcoming space and an exceptional room.

Colour zones to create your look: warm reds warm oranges warm golds

If you want to find out yours, click here : http://www.totipero.com/dulux/dulux.html


My life: My new "baby" is coming!

Sigh...the frustration of waiting :(

So many phone calls, so many days, so many weeks, finally the waiting is going to be over.
My new "baby" is arriving soon! :D

Hmm..that also means my "chaffeur-driven" days are coming to an end too...


Makan-makan: Potato Salad

I just got this simple salad recipe from Tham Jiak's blog. The ingredients are easy to get and it's simple to prepare. (*but i've yet to try, one of these days...i'm gonna...ok, i promise I'll post the pic here when I try it :P)

3-4 Boiled Potatoes
1 bunch of Spring Onions
1 Cucumber
2 Hardboiled eggs
Salt & Pepper

1) Cut potatoes, cucumber and eggs into 1cm x 1cm cubes.
2) Chop the spring onions finely.
3) Put 1 and 2 into a mixing bowl and stir in mayonnaise.
4) Add few dashes of salt and pepper to taste.

Ta-da... now you have your potato salad. I think it will taste better if served cold. So probably can put in the fridge before serving.


My life: Reading Today's Horoscope

Taking cue from sleepyenzhi, Missy Jo is showing her horoscope reading prowess by taking 2 peeks into the telling glass ball...

From www.ivillage.com >>
Be patient. You have done everything you can. Right now, the ball is in their court.

From theSun newspaper >>
When you commit to something, you do it wholeheartedly. But now, in one particular situation, it's clear that you must take things in stages, it gives you the latitude to make any changes and, should it be necessary, the freedom to walk away.
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