24. I'm the queen of my kingdom!

Heard a funny happening over the Hitz.fm this morning. Apparently there's a guy in Australia who has 24 acres of land. He wants to proclaim it as a new entity, naming it Principality of Panderosa. How ridiculous that is! The owner was also quoted that people who need to enter the principality would require a passport, and he's refusing to pay the government taxes. And this was making the government mad as the tax revenue from him was a significant amount. My, my...there are weird people everywhere and weirder stories all around the world.
So these 2 DJs, Rudy and JJ were asking callers what would they name their country if they have one. The DJs came up with "Albakistan", as you can see, the name is clearly dedicated to Jessica Alba. Well, I could think of one name for my country at the moment - "Kingdom of Jo"! Haha... You have any fabulous idea for a country's name?

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rin-en said...

Maybe he should build a casino.. is 24 acres big enough? He can bring down Las Vegas, and turn ozzies into gambling pots. Then ozzie land would be rich!RICH!!!*evil laugh*

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