Reason to Loose Fat

Read this on thestar.com.my this morning. So there goes another reason to loose fat.

Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks - study

"CHICAGO (Reuters) - Fatter rear ends are causing many drug injections to miss their mark, requiring longer needles to reach buttock muscle, researchers said on Monday.

Standard-sized needles failed to reach the buttock muscle in 23 out of 25 women whose rears were examined after what was supposed to be an intramuscular injection of a drug.

Two-thirds of the 50 patients in the study did not receive the full dosage of the drug, which instead lodged in the fat tissue of their buttocks, researchers from The Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin said in a presentation to the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America."

Oh, if you are still wondering why the butts is "THE" place to inject, here's the explaination...

"The buttocks are a good place for intramuscular injections because there are relatively few major blood vessels, nerves and bones that can be damaged by a needle. Plentiful smaller blood vessels found in muscle carry the drug to the rest of the body, while fat tissue contains relatively few blood vessels."

There you go, interesting right? As if the butt is physical designed for that needle pricking experience...hahaha =P

(read the full story)


Fear Factor gathering at Sunway

Last friday after work, I was eager to meet these group of people who participated in the first ever Fear Factor Malaysia challenge. Nix had invited me to join him at the Taj's Curry House (mamak stall next to Sunway Pyramid) and I agreed.

I could recognised a few faces whom I have saw on the previous episodes of Fear Factor. It was surely a funny feeling to be sitting there with those people. They exuded enthusiasm and allow me to say that a "fearless" energy enveloped around them. This was a bunch of "crazy enough" people. Oh, by the way, yes, that includes my boyfriend too.

And, of course, if you happened to catch the first episode of Fear Factor, you would have noticed a guy participant who won at the end. Yeah, the male model called Usamah. I thought his name sounded familiar. Sure enough, he was one of the contestants for this year Cleo Bachelors. Look it up gals, yep, he was on the magazine cover. Oh, what about him? No big deal, but I did meet him on last Friday. Yeah, he did look like one of the popular guys around..haha...(well, I did noticed that the gals like to be around him *wicked grin) now I know why he was one of the Cleo Bachelors :P

Not going to sidetrack further, we're supposed to meet up to catch last Friday's Fear Factor episode together. So all of us (*about 40 people) were at the mamak's shop, shouting and cheering to the participant whenever a challenge was completed. (*Oh, of course I cheered too) The mamak's waiters must have been wondering what was all the fuss about.

Well, it was commendable that they did actually organise to get all participants together. Though I did feel left out of their conversations about all the fun things they did.

Oh, I heard they're gonna organise another meeting this Friday, probably somewhere in SS2 or Bandar Utama. So guys, if you wanna meet this bunch of crazy guys, make sure you hang around these 2 places..haha.. (*where would I be? nah, I prefer staying home watching the show in peace..hehehe)


Xbox 360

Microsoft has just launched the new Xbox 360 on Tuesday (22-Nov). I'm not totally excited about it, because I was never an Xbox enthusiast anyway. But the new Xbox looks sleek and cool, though it still maintained the big power button design!

From the review I read in Times Magazine, the "faceplate" is interchangeable with different colour designs that comes in Hotrod (blue), Silver, Woody. Anyway, I don't think it's launched yet in Malaysia, the nearest you can get is in Tokyo (Dec 10). But I guess you can order online.

As usual, this Xbox boasts the improved graphics, speed, control and some other cool features, and load of new games to get your hands on. But one cool thing about this Xbox 360 is that you can have wireless connection to it (via the wireless controller). So you don't have to mess with the tangled wires. Of course setting up the whole wireless thingy may be a bit troublesome for newbies.

The Xbox 360 experience comes in two types, depending on your budget and needs. (just in case you guys planning to get one).

1. Xbox 360 (prices start at USD$399.99)
"If you're a serious gamer looking for the ultimate console, the search ends here. Xbox 360 is fully loaded. It's the unsurpassed gaming and entertainment experience right out of the box delivering the Ultimate gaming and entertainment experience for the best value."

This package comes with the console (with premium chrome finish), hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox live headset, component HD AV cable, ethernet cable.

2. Xbox 360 Core System (prices start at USD$299.99)
"Xbox 360 Core System delivers the same powerful gaming as Xbox 360 but starts with the basics and lets you expand at your own pace. It’s everything you need to hit the ground running. Plug in the console and the controller and you're playing. Then decide what extras you add—it's expandable to the full Xbox 360 experience."

This package comes with the console, wired controller, composite AV cable.

To determine which one is the right one for you, here's a guide.

Probably if any of you are kind enough to get me an Xbox 360, I might convert into an Xbox fan instead of venturing into PS2! *evil grin.


A comedian and a politician in the local scene

Adflin Shauki, the local comedian, was on Hitz.fm this morning. He talked about some RM4 production thingy and his blogsite. I wasn't interested in the production thing though, but I caught his blogsite - http://afdlinshauki.blogspot.com And I just visited the blog. This guy is really funny with his language and his style of writing. Eventhough I don't understand some of the slangs he used, but it's a fun to read. Mostly about local production and entertainment scene. I do hope you heard this name or seen his face on TV before.

Then from his site, I clicked on http://www.malaysiatopblogs.com Was wondering what are the top blogs in Malaysia. Guess what? I found that our opposition leader, Lim Kit Siang, his blog was on the top of the list. I didn't know our local politicians have blogs too! :P Curious to find out, I visited the site too. Seems like a good way to interact with the "grassroot people". Plus you get his email address should you want to discuss more discreetly. His site are mainly discussions and opinions on local politic scene though. Don't think many of you would be quite interested. Oh, and by the way, just a reminder that he's representing the opposition side (DAP), not the BN. In case you "terlupa" or asking "siapa orang tu? very famous one meh?" :P

Ok...I'm going to register in malaysia top blogs. And see if I get any increased traffic to my blog and if one day my blog become famous, like the Singaporean blogger Xia Xue (http://xiaxue.blogspot.com), hahaha...then I'll get products endorsement deals, sponsorship, or even get invited to some cool parties...muahaha (*daydreaming). And you would be glad that you were the first few who supported my blog from the very beginning. And claim some "glory" in being my loyal readers...kakakaka...=D Oh, don't forget to vote for my blog later ya..(no, not the pangkah type of vote la..just click-click here, click-click there kind of vote...) terima kasih manyak-manyak ya... =P


Fear Factor Round 2 and 3

Round 2
Today was the 2nd round with 4 contestants left. 2 guys and 2 gals. The challenge for this round was to eat yucky stuff. And guess what the stuff was? You would never have guessed it. Drink a shot of goat's eyes juice. From Nix's description, it sounded something like this:
1. No hands allowed. Use your mouth to pick an eye from a bowl of raw goat's eyes.
2. Bite it to puncture it and squeeze the dark black juice out into the glass provided.
3. Repeat the steps until the glass is full.
4. Finish the glass contents.

Gross! That was totally awful. According to Nix, the eyes were hard to puncture, and it had a layer of fat, plus it definitely smell of goat! Furthermore, probably to add some pressure and guilt to the contestants, a few live goats were put beside the contestants. Staring at you while you do the act. However, Nix managed to get the best time for this round - approx 2 minutes.

Result: Passed on to the final round. 2 gals got eliminated. It's going to be a guy-to-guy game.

Round 3 (final)
Some action stuff for the final challenge. Location was somewhere in an abandoned warehouse in Port Klang. Two Proton Sagas. Explosions. Have an idea what the stunt is?

Contestants are supposed to drive the car up to the ramp as fast as they could, the explosives will go off, and the car which land the furthest distance will walk away with RM10,000.

Luck was not on Nix's side this time around. His car landed head first and turned turtle. If fell short of the other contestant's distance. Fortunately, no broken bones, no burns. Both of them survived the crash and burn (explosives, remember?). Sad to say, Nix didn't get the money. But to me, he's still a winner as he has proven himself quite well through all 3 rounds.

Result: RM 0.00 + freebies from sponsors + memories to share.

We are now eagerly waiting to catch his episode on NTV7. Make sure you catch it too every Friday 8:30pm! =D
Thanks for tuning in to the FF channel, click here to read Round 1. And thank you to our friends for your support and interests. =)


Funny Gadget - VibraExciter

Spotted this cute little gadget on CNET website, but its function seemed to be a little cheeky. And yes, a Bluetooth version would be better:P

Talk about your phone sex. The next time you give your pal a friendly buzz on your mobile, it might just be that. All thanks to UK manufacturer VibraFun's tongue-firmly-in-cheek VibraExciter, an add-on that is activated by SMS messages and calls. To maximize enjoyment, VibraFun suggests placing the attached vibrating bullet "on your chose organmic spot" (sic). Though given the less-than-discreet wired connection, a Bluetooth version perhaps the next round?

Get up close and personal by clicking here

Price: 39.99 pounds (US$76.40)
Availability: VibraFun Products
Device: Novelty phone
Basic specs: 1.5 x 0.5 inches, plastic, sold separately, 2 x AAA batteries


Fear Factor Round 1

15-Nov  My mind was wandering, feeling a anxious and a little worried.
6:57pm - Got a call from Nix. Was driving, so I told him I'd call back when I reached home.
7:24pm - Called him back but he didn't pick up the phone. Tried two more times. No luck.
7:29pm - His name flashing on my mobile screen. My mind is racing...
*crap talk...but didn't dare to raise the question yet..
"I passed the stunt.."
*speechless...waiting for the next sentence to come..
"I passed the stunt! So I get to go the next round."
*still don't know what to say..
"Ok.. so what was the stunt?"
....*stunt talk...
"Come over here and we can meet up for a drink."
"Ha? but I just got back from work and haven't had my dinner yet...call you later la.."
"You just come over la.."
"Okla...see how later"
8:20pm - On my way to Sunway to meet Nix.
9:00pm - In the Sunway Pyramid bowling alley, meeting the group of Fear Factor contestants. OMG, can't believe I'm with these guys! I'm not even contesting, but their incessant talking about the stunts and the fun they had made me felt like I was part of the fun. And I was playing bowling with these guys! Wow...I think it's such a pleaure to meet these guys.
I am just so thrilled that Nix got through the first round of his Fear Factor challenge in his group. And he had the best score among the guys. A guy and a gal got eliminated. That left 4 of them, 2 guys, 2 gals. And tomorrow is the second round.
Oh, forgot about the stunt pulak..So the stunt goes something like this, which was at the Putrajaya Fire Station...Each of them has to climb stairs up to 8 stories high (the tower), then they are being strapped with safety ropes, and were told to lie down on a table, then slowly they were held up upside down to the edge of the tower...and they are required to do a flying fox act (*upside down, mind you) while dropping a sand bag at the bull's eye somewhere down there while "flying" across the building.
Imagine how the scenery would be looking everything upside down from an 8-story high point, and all the wind blowing on your face...it must have been damn scary! I'm all praises for these contestants. Whoa...I wonder will I chicken out if I were there.
I'm just so happy that Nix made it! =D Don't forget to catch him on NTV7 FF show. Don't know when is it going to show yet, but stay tuned to my blog for more updates! Hehe.. :P

Lil sis got 7As in UPSR!

This news just came in to my inbox....
Kuala Lumpur, Wed 5:12pm - My youngest sis has just told me she scored a bountiful of As in her UPSR exam! Yup, confirmed It's 7As! Whoa...This gal is just "geng" eh. So there goes my family records of straight As for UPSR exam for every siblings. Muahahaha...*grin
I guess it's another "makan" treat from dad again. *hungry grin

Caring For Contact Lenses

"The first contact lenses were fitted in the late 1880’s, which is over 100 years ago. Since then people of all ages, having different types of vision problems have made the decision to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, largely due to the many advantages of contact lenses.

Contact lenses can be divided into 2 main types - soft and rigid gas permeable. The types of contact lenses available are made of different materials and they each require specific care. Although contact lenses have many advantages over glasses, they do require more care. An important consideration when selecting the type of contact lens is how much time you are willing to devote to their care. You could risk an eye infection as a result of lack of attention to lens hygiene. However, with proper care and use, the chances of developing eye problems can be minimized if not eliminated."

Do you think since you are wearing contact lenses, you know everything about caring for them?
Since most of us nowadays wear contact lenses, I find these few articles informative.

Where The Contact Lens Fits In
Know Your Cleansing Regime
Caring For Your Contact Lenses
Cosmetics And Contact Lenses

I'm thankful that humans invented contact lens, it must be one of the greatest invention for humankind! And now they even come up with coloured lenses that look so cool! Hmm...maybe I would try them someday, a green-eyed monster? a honey-hazel-eyed sweetie? or purple-eyed seductress? haha...


Car makeover

I've been doing lots of spending last weekend. Ok, probably not that much, but still it burnt a hole in my pocket.
Since my car break-in, I had to get the things fixed. It was eyesore to see the sad state everything I sit in my car.

So after a thosai late breakfast last Saturday, Nix and I went to fixed my broken tyre rim caps. I've put if off a long time since it was broken early this year :P I picked a very shiny design (*which made my car looks so "ah-beng") and got them replaced. Then I add on the tint for the car front windshield. Oh, it's not the whole tint thing, just a strip across. It's nothing too fancy, but still it was a 2-tone tint strip, black-silver. Looks cool, but again, I feel it's the ah-beng-o-meter just shot up another few points!

Then I had to get the plastic thingy which cover your dashboard etc. (Don't know what you call it anyway) replaced. Whoa..Didn't know the thing doesn't come cheap. So in the end, I took the cheapest option, and it is a black panel instead of the "wooden-panel" look. And I got myself a cup holder because there was one section of the panel that need to replaced, and the original panel was costlier than the cup holder. Another RM18 gone. These car accessories dealer sure know how to make money.

All done, and we headed to another shop to shop for my new mp3 player. Saw a model with the USB port, Freeway (cheapest price RM360 incl. Installation). It was so tempting to get the model. Imagine it would be so cool to just stuck you USB thumb drive in the player and there you have your mp3s.

But after more thinking, the USB port is just a luxury rather than a necessity. Furthermore, the brand wasn't something I would like to invest my money in. So in the end, I got myself a Sony mp3 player. And you know what? It was the same model as Nix's old one. OMG! After all that I've done to the car, the car does look a bit like his old Wira. So now my own Wira Aeroback looks like a half-ah-beng's car (or probably "ah-lian's car").

Anyway, the point is, I'm now broke for this month. But, I'm happy my car looks better eventhough it has the ah beng's tyre rim caps. :P


O2 Xda Atom

From the reviews I read, this sleek PDA phone is definitely cool! The O2 Mini is cool with it small sleek size, but this is definitely cooler with its features and design. It has just been recently launched in Singapore with a selling price of S$1348 (US$791.36). Phew!! That's one pricey babe.

Read the
first take and you'll know what I mean. It has been given a 7.5 rating by users. Meanwhile here's a preview how the sleek thing looks like and click here for the complete specs. Here's a snippet of the review...

"By integrating wireless LAN in the Atom, O2 has finally resolved one of the biggest complaints from Xda II mini owners--the lack of onboard Wi-Fi. Previously, mini users had to buy an additional SDIO Wi-Fi card which took up precious SD expansion slot space in order to enjoy wireless connectivity.

At the heart of the Atom is the same Intel 416MHz processor used in the mini, but the onboard flash ROM has been increased to 128MB. O2 has also enhanced the camera resolution from the mini's 1.3 megapixels to 2 megapixels, and added a built-in LED flash, FM tuner, 2.7-inch 262K-color QVGA display and Windows Media Player 10 application. To top it all, the Atom will come with O2 MediaPlus which gives users a convenient one-interface access to music, photos and videos on the handheld.

For all the bells and whistles, O2 has somehow managed to pack the new features into a tiny 102 x 58 x 18.5mm form factor, which is 6mm shorter in length, though 0.4mm thicker, than the Xda II mini. The UK firm has also kept the design simple and clean, just like the mini. In line with its recent launch of the black mini, the Atom will also be available in a piano-black finish, which has already proven to be popular with both male and female users.

For those concerned about the battery life of the Atom, O2 has promised that it will be better than its predecessor. Based on the specs given, the Atom is expected to last for 150 hours in standby and 5.5 hours of talktime. "

Wedding Bells-A-Ringing

I think I'm gonna go broke this coming few months...You don't agree? Wait till you hear out my stories.
1. Met my old secondary school mate - she's getting married this month - no invitation from her yet.
2. Got a call few days ago from my old primary school mate - she's getting married in coming January - got the invitation already.
3. Got another call from one of my old buddies yesterday while I was driving home - yup, getting married next month too. And you bet I would have to attend this one, as I've already told you she used to be one of closest "gang" member. And I haven't seen her for ages since she went studying in USM, Penang.
4. ...Who else ar?? ...??
See, I told ya. Three wedding bells in a row, I think it's possibly a good time to get married. And 2 "samans" received. I didn't realise wedding bells are already catching up with my group of friends...OMG! am I supposed to get married soon too? :O Nah...I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Kiasu is one thing, but getting married is a big hell of a business man...hmm...think twice, think thrice if you can..haha..
I think I should be counting myself lucky to have received these invitations. It means you have friends, and friends who still think you presence on their important day is significant to them. Yeah...I would definitely want all of my friends there at my wedding day, and get their blessings. =)

Dreams Interpretations

I had a weird dream last night, spooky to say the least. It goes something like this...
I realised I was dead and has become a ghost, together with 2 other friends, which I couldn't remember who. I don't know why I was dead though. We were sort of hurrying for something, as our bodies were going to vanish within few days in the "human world". We had "unfinished business". I remember feeling afraid and confused after finding out I was a ghost. Then one of my friends told us we had to prepare for our own burial - to dig our own graves. So the last thing I remembered was us digging our own grave holes...S-P-O-O-K-Y!! :S
Well, does anyone know how to interpret this weird dream of mine? Anyway I've already got one, read this "dream diagnosis" from my BF...
"I assume the reason of why you're dead in the first place is not known. However, having 2 friends with you means that you're the kind of person that doesn't like to be lonely. Even in afterlife? 
This is the part (digging graves) that i don't really understand. You have a few more days to stay in this world and you know that you're vanishing. Why on earth are you guys digging your graves? I can think of 1001 better things to do for a ghost. Example....scare ppl....do things that I don't normally do in real life.....or if you want to earn enough credit to go into heaven...try to do some good deeds before I am completely gone.
Summary of patient's dream:
- Dream is always the opposite in real life....so no worries...you're not dying soon
- Should learn better time management even in after life. ;-)
- Possibly watched too much of Japanese / Korean ghost story. Hihi"
Anyone has better "diagnosis" than this? :P


Anger Management

All was happy and nice when I walked into the office, with the exception of my colleague who sit beside me. She always have the look of a grumpy person, more so now since she's working in my project team. Probably because of the work load and stress she gets from my project. And I don't know why I've never wished her a good morning whenever I come into the office, it's like there's a "No Disturb" sign on her face. Call me rude, but I'm not going to budge into someone like that.
Just few minutes into reading my emails, and I heard her grumbling. I'm quite used to her ways anyway, since she sits beside me. But the mere mentioning on my other team member alerted me straight away that trouble's brewing! Sure enough, my other team member had accidentally deleted files while tinkering with the website that she's has been developing. And she kept complaining, over and over again. Anyway, lucky enough for my team member, that this lady didn't blow her head off. Though grumbling in low voices, I could see she would find a way to recover the lost files. And the skies are blue again... =)
Sometimes it ain't worth the trouble getting all heated up because of other people's mistakes. It's sure hard to keep your anger from steaming, but think again, why do you need to be angry for other people's mistakes? Next time you feel angry, remember to relax, take a deep breath, understand that all humans make mistakes. Anger will not help to solve problems, a clear and calm mind is the way to see through the mess. And nobody gets hurt.

Who's visiting?

Just added a site meter to my blog. It's interesting not to just know how many visits you have, but also to know where they came from around the world, and how did they find out about your blog...hehehe..

You guys can have a look at my blog's stats too. Just scroll down to the very bottom of this page. And click on the little box that says "SITE METER".

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get one la...then we get to compare our blogs' stats...hehehe :P

Get it from www.sitemeter.com for free.


I'm a fruity-fragrance type

This test was sent by mclady. Guess what, I'm the fruity-fragrance type. hmm..Don't know how true is this? You guys know me better la...so tell me what you think...hehehe

To Tuition or not to Tuition?

I had to use my mobile phone as a substitute for a radio since my car music player has been stolen. Of course the damn reception was poor (*that's always the case if you are driving around the city). But it does serve the purpose of providing music and information during my morning drive to work.

This morning, the topic on the air was about tuitions. I was wondering what the fuss was about, as I didn't have a clue that this topic was also the headlines of today's Star newspaper. Yup, it's true, tuitions are the rage among school children nowadays. Back then, I didn't attend any tuitions except of the mandatory tuitions (*damn! keep on typing "tuiton") in Primary 6. I couldn't understand why I needed tuitions, and till now, sad to say, I still havent' come to terms to these children attending tuitions. Children back then were so "deprived" of these extra classes! hahaha...(*but hey, we get loads of time for play and tv rite?)

Tuitions nowadays don't come cheap. The last I heard from my mom, whose jogging mate is a primary school teacher and giving tuitions to her students, was around RM200/month! Gosh! I remembered paying only RM25 a month back then. These teachers sure make some good money out of these students. And I thought it was suppose to a supplementary income for the teachers. (*and still they complain of administrative paper work, and low salary..my god, they are having months of school holidays each year and a fat tuition income to fatten it up)

That aside, I'm not saying tuition is bad. Of course, some extra coaching is always good. Parents shouldn't send their kids for tuition just because they have this mentality "since now they can afford it, I should let my kids have it". And of course, not forgetting the "kiasu" spirit among modern days parents. To them, more means better. Pity some of these kids, I think they are basically studying almost 12 hours day! Where will all the carefree days of childhood be enjoyed?

I'm glad I didn't have to go through endless of tuitions. And thanks to mom for her "sensible" decision...haha. I was spared the torture. But of course I made up for it by studying hard on my own, and had my own ways of prying extra info from my other friends who attended tuitions :P oh, probably a little luck and cleverness helped...hahaha..(*yup, i admit i memang thick face a bit...) But hey, I managed to come up among the top of the class, didn't I? haha.. well, well...all that are history, and I just hope that parents and kids will realise tuitions are not the only education source. All work and no play makes John a dull boy..(*erm..don't remember what exactly was that phrase...anyway, you get the idea).

Europe Trip Day 3 @ 25-9

25-09 Sun

Woke up early, but only realised that breakfast was served a little late on Sundays. So we waited in the dining room of the rest house, admiring the fireplace, the ornaments, and everything "English" in the house. The lady of the house briefly chatted with us while she set the table.

After a hearty breakfast, we walked up to the main street and took a bus to Princes Street. The morning weather was colder that day, I had to wear gloves and a hat to keep warm. The breeze was chilling to the skin. Our first stop was the Scot Monument. We took some nice photos of the Princes Garden where the monument was, with the Royal Mile as the backdrop. The Scot Monument is a big landmark in Edinburgh, it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city as it is quite tall and prominent with its unique architecture. Visitors are allowed to go up the monument, unfortunately we were too early for the opening hours. I guess it would be a breathtaking view up there, with the whole Edinburgh city under your feet, as far as your eyes can see.

From there, we took a different route to the Royal Mile. Stopping to take photo of the bright red
double decker bus - the City Sightseeing Tour Bus. These buses are common here, where they are quite popular with tourists wishing to take a more relax way of seeing the city.

Our second stop was the Mary King's Close. This is a very interesting attraction. We were guided to the underground city of the past, which sits directly below the Royal Mile road, beneath the City Chambers building. The present city was built on top of the old buildings. We got to see for ourselves how the houses of the old days were, the narrow closes (alleys), and how the life of the poor and rich lived. Photos weren't allowed in there, so we took photos of the town building model, which showed how the structure of the underground and on the ground city are like. It was stuffy and smelled underground, but it was an eye opener experience for me.

There's this tradition that was told by the guide...In the olden days where there were no toilets, the waste were often kept in a bucket in a corner of the house. When it was full, the people will just shout "Gardyloo!!!" and threw the waste out of the window. Yup, just like that. Gardyloo was a warning to the people on the streets to watch out for these foul waste over their heads. These waste would often flow down the streets, and seeped into the ground floor houses. Therefore, the streets were fouled smell, and the ground floor were always occupied by poor people, as they couldn't afford higher level buildings.

Next stop on our list was the Tron Kirk. This is another unique building at the corner of the street. The stained glass panels in the building were magnificent. And we could see the foundation of the building inside the building. Inside were mainly exhibitions on the building history, the histories and ghost stories of Edinburgh, and gifts corner. And here we found out about the faithful dog, Greyfriar's Bobby. This is the story of a dog who visited its owner's grave everyday since the owner death until its own death. The town people were touched, and so they build a statue of the dog in a street corner.
So our next stop was to search for the statue. With some directions from the guy at Tron Kirk, we managed to find the statue. Took a few shots of the cute statue and then we headed for the Museum of Scotland, which were just opposite the road.

The Museum of Scotland is actually side by side the Royal Museum. So we spent quite a long time there, looking at artefacts and history of Scotland. There was this group of narrators wearing the Highlanders attire, and they were acting out some battle scenes. I took the chance to pose with them after the show session ended. It was a tiring tour for me in the museums, and my tooth was giving me endless pain throughout the visit. It was most torturing for me, and perhaps the most irrritating part of the trip for Nix, hearing me grumbling throughout the day :P

After the museum visit, we managed to catch a street performer spitting fire somewhere along Royal Mile. It was an amusing act. We wanted to visit Museum of Childhood after that, but it was closed by 5pm. Most of the places were closed around that time too. Anyway, we had something lined up for the night. We had bought tickets for City of the Dead Tour at 8:30pm. So we took our time walking round the rest of the Royal Mile, found a place for dinner, and took a bus ride back to the rest house for a short rest before the tour starts.

After a good rest, we were eager to go to for the night tour. The tour had seemed eery and scary on the billboards, which were placed along the streets at Royal Mile. We were early, but the people started to pour in, and by the time the tour started, the group had swelled to almost 50 people. Great! I guess the more the merrier! Haha...

The guide in trench coat started off with stories of the old Edinburgh town, bringing us through the narrow closes, winding through the backlanes of the city, and headed to the graveyard! All of us were without any torchlights, only the guide had one. We stayed close to each other, and marched towards the graveyard in all darkness. I was taking all precautions not to slip or fall down, or even fall behind the group. It was surely a thrilling tour I would say. We had few stops along the way, and the guide would switch off his torchlight and started to tell ghost stories of the past. We even went into a mausoleum, which was a stone building, with four walls and only an entrance. Middle of his speech, a person dressed up as a ghost suddenly appeared at the entrance and gave some of us a big scare. Lucky for me, I was standing behind the group, so I was spared the sight of the scary "ghost". Anyway, the tour ended with no mishappenings, and all of us, I should say, were safe and sound. I couldn't dare to think how it would felt if the group was smaller in numbers.

After the thrilling adventure, we then had a quick bite at Burger's King and headed back for a good night's rest.

Deeparaya journal

After a week long of holidays, it was getting a little hard to get into the working mood early this week. I was still sort of in dazed in holiday mood, and thinking all the good times I had spent with my family and Nix. It was surely a welcomed break for me after a hectic work week before that. Maybe that's called the post holidays blues...hahaha..

31/10 Mon - took leave and spend the whole day at home, reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It was truly exhilarating reading the book, as I "ventured" through the Vatican city, unveiling secret lair and devious plots. Finally finished the book by end of the day. Felt I had accomplished something :P

1/11 Tues - Went for movie - Doom. Personally, I think it was a lame movie. But I guess it would appeal more to the game's fans with all the shootings scenes.

2/11 Wed - well...back to office for a day. Found out someone broke into my car when I got into my car =( Caught up with my emails and some work. Glad to know that my client has finally signed off the document, and that marked an end the initial phase. Phew!! =D

3/11 Thurs - Went to Planet Hollywood with Nix for a night's out with his colleagues. Played pool, sarcastic jokes, dranks lots of beer...then went Finnegan's ...more alcohol (cider)...then walked to Beach Club for clubbing..more alcohol...and dance...and went back home feeling a little tipsy. ('',)

4/11 Fri - Was not in my usual self for the day...probably the effects of too much alcohol last nite..Had steamboat dinner with family at Sri Petaling...yup..yumyum..then watched anime cartoon (Hanada Inchiro) with Nix.

5/11 Sat - joined Nix for pool and work out at his office's gym, had pizza at Mines and bought myself 3 pairs of shoes! (can't believe it, like what my colleague said to me today - "just typical of a woman" :P) then shopped for a birthday present for Nix's mom. Ended up trying on the Ogawa massage machines, and burnt a big hole in Nix's pocket..hahaha...oh, and a big smile on auntie's face =D

6/11 Sun - last day of holidays, sigh~.... house cleaning in the morning. Joined Nix's family for dinner at Tanjung Sepat. Stopover at Bagan Lalang on the way to buy fresh seafood. Yup, a hearty seafood dinner to celebrate the joyous occassion and end the holidays.


How to inspire a woman to...

Sexy doesn't always mean wearing less, and showing more of the skin.It's how a woman brings herself, the way she talks, she moves, and how she brings out the sensual feel of the dress she's wearing. But I guess this article below would interest many you guys out there...hehehe... ;-) How to inspire a woman to wear much less in your presence...For ladies, it helps to understand ourselves better too.

See More of Her

A ratty bathrobe can be a compliment. "It means she's comfortable around you," says Nicole Beland, the MH Girl Next Door. "She's saying that your relationship is at a point when all the superficial stuff is unnecessary." But you love some of the superficial stuff--like the short skirts and high heels she wore to catch your attention. Your mission: Get her to wear them more often. Here's how.

"If you want a woman to be inspired to dress in a sexy way, give her something to be excited about," Beland suggests. Buy tickets to a concert, take her to a romantic hotel bar, or make dinner reservations and talk up "date night" all week. If she knows you think the plans are romantic, she'll dress to impress.

Positive Reinforcement

Tell her when she looks irresistible so she'll dress that way again. "She may not know that you noticed," says Yvonne Fulbright, author of the Hot Guide to Safer Sex, "so why should she bother?" You may think your dropped jaw communicates how hot she looks. It helps, but she needs more. "Women get intimacy from words," says anthropologist Helen Fisher, author of Why We Love. Articulate the effect she's having on you. Say, "When you wear that sweater, it makes me want to peel it off of you."

Women love gifts. This isn't a news flash, so why aren't you surprising her with sexy clothes? And this doesn't mean intimate lingerie--that's too heavy-handed. Giving a woman a low-cut cashmere sweater or a short, silky robe is a good way to get her to show more skin.

This is a two-way street. Wear the shirt she says brings out your eyes, and the pants that show off your butt. "If you make an effort, she'll want to keep up with you," says Beland.

Source - do visit this site, it's an interesting site to explore!


Somebody broke into my car!

The day started as usual, waking up to a sunny day, getting ready for work...The realisation didn't set in until few seconds later after I took in the crime scene when I opened my car door...OMG! Somebody has broken into my car!

Fragments of plastics were strewned across the car seats, with wires sticking out where my cd player used to be. With further inspection, i realised my coins and sunglasses were gone too. I quickly called for dad who was sitting in the living room and told him what happened. Dad and I scrutinised the damage and what was lost, and I took a few snapshots of the "crime scene".

Fortunately, the car was still "drivable" and all was quite fine. No time to cry over spilt milk, I drove to work as usual, minus the usual sound of radio accompanying me to work. I was like a zombie while I drove, my mind still unsettled over what happened, and silently cursing the thieves. Then I opened my car front compartment, and then only realised my two cd albums were gone too! Well, what the heck, most of them were pirated cds anyway. The great loss were 2 cds which were my personal favourites as they hold special meaning to me.

Well, I guess the bright side of the whole situation is I now have a valid reason to get a new MP3 player...hahaha...

* snapshots of crime scene to be added later.
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