14. Hotsites #1

ThirdAge - what does it mean by that? I have not a single clue and I'm yet to find out.

Anyway, I came across this interesting site (www.thirdage.com) today while I was surfing. I can't say that this site has comprehensive information, but it is good source for ladies. I found the career tips helpful, and the relationship column an interesting read, and the health section is a informative. There are also some quizzes which offers to reveal more about your personality.

And also there's a online learning section, nothing on the heavy side. Just some simple stuff to learn about when you have time to spare. You can even get a study buddy to learn along with you! But again, I've yet to explore that. Another column which interest me is the Financial section. It has tips on how to manage your finances.

Overall, this site is worth exploring. Got any similar sites to share? I'm interested to explore. ;-)

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