Makan-makan: Prawns Hor Fun @ Semenyih

Love this plate of kuayteow (hor-fun in Cantonese)! Tried this at an old shop in Semenyih town. The gravy was tasty with the sweetness of the prawns, and the gravy was enough for every mouthful of hor-fun. It's definitely worth the extra $$ for this plate.

The picture is showing the portion for 2 persons. And it's priced at RM12/portion.

Ooh...writing this post makes me hungry...and the hor-fun definitely looks like a good chow! :P~


Sharing: Beckham the new face for Motorola?

Just caught this piece of news from my CNET newsletter.

Motorola signs on Beckham as global brand ambassador

"Expect to see football superstar David Beckham carrying the latest Motorola phones at this year's World Cup as he signs a three-year endorsement deal with the US-based handset maker to promote its cellular products in Asia. The collaboration will kick off with Beckham participating in advertising and retail activities across the region.

According to Motorola's press release, the endorsement deal will include the use of exclusive Beckham content such as screensavers and video clips in its mobile handsets. The England soccer captain will also be involved in Motorola campaigns such as the (MOTO)RED mobile created to help fight AIDS in Africa."

Haha...Beckham fans can see his cute face soon in Motorola's ads (* i'm not a hard core fan of him, but hey, he can still be a cute face to look at, especially during the World Cup :P)


Sharing: How to talk to anyone

Have always realise i lack the skills in communication. It's funny why I've never thought of getting tips from self help book in this area.

Well, as I was strolling through racks of books in MPH, one book caught my eye - The How to Easily Handle Difficult People Handbook: Everything Problem-People Don't Want You to Know. I picked up the little book and browsed through the whole book in abt 15 minutes. I found myself attracted to the contents, as it tells you what we never realised when dealing with people. So I decided to see if there are any other books which talks about communication skills. There were many to choose from.

After browsing through the entire rack of books on this topic, I decided to buy this book - "How to Talk to Anyone, 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships, Leil Lowndes". The contents look interesting enough. So I guess I'll be busy studying the little tricks at the moment...


My life: Grandma's birthday lunch @ Kepong

Just browsing through my old photos, and realised I haven't upload these pics. Thought I would compile a nice photo album for the occassion =)

It's grandma's birthday at cousin brother's restaurant at Kepong. Most of the cousins were around to celebrate, and of course we enjoyed the dishes served up by chef cousin....yum yum~

Project K: House floor plan

floor plan of house

Project K: Peek-a-boo at show house

photos taken from the show house - the foyer area, living room, dining area, bedroom and kitchen.


Project K: Love at First Sight

On that beautiful day, we met.

As I laid my eyes on you,
I knew we were meant to be.
It was love at first sight,
a beginning of a dream,
a beginning of more $$ commitments :P

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