Life: Love and be loved

Valentine's Day has just past, but is love still in the air? or is it in your heart?

adapter boy was right in saying that v-day these days have become too commercialised. You can't avoid them, it's everywhere you see or listen. Do we really need all these commercialism to remind us to love?

V-day is special indeed. This is the day I remind myself how I lucky I am to be loved by family and friends, and also be in a love relationship. Busy lives make us forget to appreciate those around us, especially those dearest to us, as we tend to take them for granted in our lives. But it doesn't mean that we have forgotten to love. Love is like a flame, it needs rekindling, not just keeping the flame burning, but glowing bright and warm.

As typical asians, we are shy to express our love out loud. Eventhough flowers, chocolates and gifts make good expressions of love, but love needs to be heard, not just be seen. You may say that actions speak louder than words, but tell me then why do the 3 magical words still melt out hearts away? Some people say it with ease, some people find it hard to speak of love. But when you feel the love inside, and speak it often, the 3 words flow with ease.

I once read, "Tell me that you love me, while I'm still able to hear it; Tell me that you love me, while I'm still able to love you back."

Time does not wait for man. The day may never come for you to speak out your love. Or your love ones may not be around to hear it anymore. So say it as often as you can, to your love ones, as time together is short. Appreciate them while they are still around, show them that you care. And you would not live to regret.

Love and be loved.


Love is in the air

Today's a special day for all to celebrate love... not just with your lovers, but family and friends as well. Let's spread the love in the air...

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

And I found these two love quotes, one funny and another romantic...

Love is being stupid together
- Paul Valery

Love doesn't make the world goes round,
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
- Franklin P. Jones


Jalan-jalan: Guilin Central (桂林) & Li Pu (荔浦) - Day 3 & 4

:: Day 3 --31-01 -- Gu Dong Waterfall Park (桂林古东景区) & Limestone Cave (冠岩) ::

u Dong Waterfall Park -- singing love songs with the village girls (shan ge 唱山歌), sitting in a bamboo raft (坐竹排), horse cart ride, enjoying the multiple waterfalls with peculiar names, and seeing a rock that looks like the Godess of Mercy (观音) at the top most waterfall.

Limestone Cave (冠岩)
-- in chinese, the place's name is read as "Guan4 Yan2". Literally it means champion rock, well, I think it means the rock are grand and the most beautiful among all. To visit this place, we actually had 4 modes of "transport" to enjoy the view: went in thru a roller-coaster-like car (坐滑车), went in an elevator up to 12 stories high to see the whole height o
f the cave inside, cruising the small rivers inside the cave in a boat, and the last...walk with your own feet. The limestone cave were definitely amazing and beatiful, with its peculiarly shaped stalagmites and stalactites, and the creative names the locals gave to the rock structures.

Tallest manmade waterfall -
- this was not included in the tour, but we saw this "waterfall" in the city. The water actually falls from a tall hotel building (i don't know how high it was, but it was at least 20 stories high). The waterfall only flows during certain times of the day. And we lucky to caught an eye of it at the right time.

:: Day 4 --1-02 -- Fu Bo Mountain (伏波山), Tea Drinking (品茶), Emperor's Palace (王府), Bamboo raft scenic cruise (坐竹排) & Silver Rock (银子岩) ::

Fu Bo Mountain -- There's a local folklore about this mountain. Long ago, the Vietnamese were always attacking the faraway China lands. So one day, the Vietnamese general challenged Fu Bo general to shoot an arrow as far as he could. And the vietnamese soldiers would retreat until where the arrow landed. It was believed that Fu Bo general shot his arrow across 3 mountains, and landed at the boundary of the two countries. The Vietnamese general kept his promise and retreated. You can see the general statue in the pic. And they said if you go the mountain near the boundary, you can see the arrow.

Tea Drinking -- Tried the local tea varieties: Gui Hua Tea (桂花茶), Tian Qi Tea (田七茶) and Pu Er Tea (普尔茶).

Emperor's Palace
(王府)-- This is one of the emperor's palace. Heard the story of how the king invited all the "Tai Sui" (chinse guardian general for the year, 太岁) into a chamber, and how he kept them there and pleased them to ensure good luck to his family. They also had a short sketch where visitors can participate in taking imperial exams (look at me in the pic, stting in one of the small chambers). My brother was lucky to won the first place (状元) and there he is receiving his scroll and all of us taking photo with the Zhuang Yuan scholar :P

Bamboo Raft Scenic Cruise
-- on the way to Li Pu, we stopped by this Yu Long River (遇龙江). Literal translation of the river's name means "meeting the dragon". I don't know whether it's lucky or not that I didn't see any dragons there though. This place is where we went onboard those bamboo rafts, and a village gal would entertain the guests singing songs (山歌), and we also got to see how the water birds (鱼鹰) catch fish.

Silver Rock -- Another scenic limestone cave. According to the guide, we would actually climb about 20 over stories high while we are in the cave. The cave chambers were really high, and at some spots, there were even accumulation of shallow waters. And when you look into the water, you could see the reflection of the rocks, and it gives you a false sense of another world underneath the waters. We spend the night here, and got to taste another local specialty, yam coated with malt sugar (拔丝芋头). This must one of my favourites too, as the sugar is sweet and the yam is very tasty. Too bad there was none left on the plate before I remembered to take a photo of it :P


Jalan-jalan: Guilin Xing An (桂林兴安) - Day 2

:: Day 2 --30-01 -- Merryland Theme Park (Xing An), Elephant Trunk Rock (象鼻山) & City Night Tour ::

After a good night rest on the first night and a good breakfast, we headed for the first destination - Merryland Theme Park (乐满地), which was just beside the hotel. The theme park was, of course nothing comparable to HK's newly opened Disneyland, but it's relatively big for a small city in Guilin. The amusement rides were less thrilling than our very own Genting Theme Park. They only had 2 water rides, a so-so roller coaster ride, a motion master ride and some other "just-for-fun" rides. So if you were
expecting some adrenaline-pumping rides, look elsewhere. In the middle of the park has a big scenic lake, and there are "dragon boats" to ferry you over to the other side of the lake, where a temple sits. An because it is CNY, they also had a doggie show. Anyway, we still had fun. Personally, I enjoyed the Pirate Ship ride (海盗船) the most.

After lunch, we headed back to Guilin city and visited the Elephant Trunk Rock (象鼻山公园). This was a small park, with a rock beside the Tau Hua Jiang river (桃花江), that looks like an elephant trunk. So from far, it looks like the elephant is drinking water from the river.

At night, we went round the city in the bus, enjoying the night view of the city, which was lighted up with colourful lights, especially along the river banks. We also took a walk along the night markets in on the of the main streets, Zhong Shan Zhong Lu (中山中路), where we tried 3 local food:

1. Bing Tang Hu Lu (冰糖葫芦) - small fruits on a stick, coated with sugar.

2. You Yu Wang (鱿鱼王) - name of a stall selling small pieces of meat, lightly grilled, and coated with chilli powder, just like our satay, but it's much more spicier (i love this!)

3. Smelly taufu (臭豆腐) - beancurds coated with fermeneted beancurd paste, fried till cripsy, and coated with spicy pepper powder. You can detect the smelly wave from afar, something like stinky rubbish smell, but it doesn't taste anything stinky when you eat it. You got to eat it to believe me!

Jalan-jalan: Guilin Xing An (桂林兴安) - Day 1

:: Day 1 --29-01 -- Merryland Hotel & Resort (Xi An) ::

Spent my first week of CNY in Guilin (桂林) this year with my family. Went on the first day of CNY, the flight took about 4 hours, we reached there late evening.

Our very first meal in Guilin was very sumptuous, i think we had about 12 dishes. Probably because it's the first day of CNY, the tour guide had specially arranged for a more "lavish" meal. The food was not the best of taste, but it was definitely something new to try on.

After dinner, we had about another hour's drive to Xing An (兴安) and checked in to the Merryland Hotel and Resort. This 5-star hotel is perfect for the first night's rest towards the rest of the tour.

Oh...our Chinese tour guide was a sweet gal, which we shall affectionately call her Zhu Zhu or Xiao Zhu (小朱).

pic 1: the first 2 dishes for dinner - the local river fish (桂花鱼) and celery with pork

pic 2: the Merryland Hotel & Resort entrance


Pix Pixie: Man & Woman of the Year

Pix Pixie took this just for fun using the new Dopod 818 PDA phone :P
Cool leh..

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