Kiko's three tricks - sit, lie down and shake hand

Woof woof,

Daddy and mommy had taught me a few tricks over the past few months, and besides learning the tricks, I gained a few milligrams along the process. Hey, I need treats to learn better and faster, you know? ;-)

Daddy was training me last night, and mommy decided to record my "show" on her camera. So please enjoy my brief performance in the movie clip below.

I'm good, ain't I? You can also get a copy of it here.



Gardening: I'm going to start my own compost bin

I've always like gardening. It gives me a sense of achievement to see my plants grow taller each day or a new flower now and then. Of course, gardening also means the hard and dirty work of pruning out weeds and watering the plants etc.

I was reading sites on gardening few days ago and read about composting. This sounds interesting. You can create rich soil from your kitchen waste. And you can use that rich compost soil for your own garden. It's also environmentally friendly and it's a cheap gardening project.

It sounded simple, and with the minimum tools and some creativity, we can get composting started. There are many "how-tos" on the Internet, so just type in "how to make a compost bin" and you will get abundant information about it.

I particulary like this site, which inspires me with its plentiful ideas. It also has some videos which demonstrate the how-tos of gardening.

So I'm going to try out my own compost bin. Probably pop into the hardware store and see if I can get some tools to get started. And perhaps some wooden stakes/wires for my tomatoes plants too!

I may not be the best gardener, or have any green fingers, but you bet I'll be posting more on gardening stuff ;-)


First "family" outing to public park

Woof, woof,

Greetings...This is Kiko posting on mommy's blog again.

Daddy and mummy were eager to bring me to the park ever since they brought me home from the pets shop. After the first outing on the neighbourhood, daddy decided to bring us to this public park. This is my first "family" outing to a public park!.

I met another shih tzu dog named Momo there. She is a friendly dog, too friendly in fact. She walked up to me and started sniffing me up and down. I wasn't used to such "friendly gestures", and to daddy and mommy's much embarassment, I pee-ed on the spot. But daddy and mommy were so cool, they didn't reprimand me. Mommy was far-sighted to have brought some newspaper, so daddy used it to soak up my pee.

I love checking out the park. There were so many children and colourful objects. Some children were so attracted to me that they followed me. Some of them had the nerve of calling me "ee...kuching, kuching...". These kids don't know who they are calling a "cat". Me a cat?? Open your eyes big-big ok, I'm small but I'm mighty, and I'm definitely not a cat. I'm a chihuahua dog! I'll give you a piece of my mind if I'd longer legs to chase you kids.

I was so happy checking out the park, smelling the grass turfs and the tarmac paths. So much so I got distracted many times that daddy and mommy had to call me a few times to bring me back to track. I just love running alongside daddy & mommy.

Could we have another outing soon, please..? Oh, don't forget to check out some of our photos here.


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