My life: Trip to Tioman Island

I finally had my overdue holiday. It was a tiring trip to Tioman Island over the weekend but all were worthwhile. The fishes & corals were so fascinating and far more beautiful than what I've seen on my snorkelling trips to other Malaysian islands. I must recommend Pulau Renggis to all snorkelling fans. This place is just a 5 minutes speed boat's ride from Berjaya Tioman. It's a shallow coral reef, but once you jump into the sea, you will greeted with many schools of fishes (i mean many!) and the corals are so "alive". The corals are so colourful with a myriad of colours, unlike some which look quite dead and grey on other islands. I even spotted a clown fish (neh..the Nemo fish lah) among the anemones. Fascinating!

Berjaya Tioman is a nice place to stay. But I guess I would stay Salang Village if I were to go there again. Was pissed off with the Berjaya Tioman tour operators. They had these optional snorkelling tours, but all were fully booked over the weekend by groups (I suppose they were those coming for company trips) visiting the resort. I can't believe it! How can they do that? They should have foreseen that and provide additional trips for other visitors as well. Luckily, the other operator (some persatuan xxx, who operated in Berjaya premises) had alternative trips. Even that it was not confirmed, as they operated according to numbers of participants. We had to check again later that day to confirm if the trip. I don't understand how can Berjaya monopolise the tours, and just because some big groups had booked for the weekend, they left others in the lurch! This is totally a let down.

Anyway, I managed to go on a shorter island hopping trip. And it was just as enjoyable, eventhough I didn't get to go on the round island trip. I suggest those of you who plans to go to Tioman, get a 4D3N package. You could go a day of snorkelling, and another day for jungle trekking to the Mukut Waterfalls and the Twin Peaks.

Shall be posting some of my pictures later!


Sharing: PGL review

Whoa...so many people attended the Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical on last Thursday night. I noticed there are many Malays catching the show. Many were like rich-rich punya datuks & datins, wearing nice-nice punya baju, with eye-catching accessories matching their outfits. In essence, it felt like watching a grand show.

Since MPIB was one of the co-sponsors of this show, they had a special food and refreshments served before the show and during the break as well. Ooh..I like the cendol...hahaha..and the sambal sotong.. ok, ok..get back to the show..

The show was really good, it's quite true that they said it's of the Broadway's standard. But I felt that towards the second part of the show, the grandness of it somehow started to wind down. I thought that it was supposed to be more classical, with the actors all speaking in classical malay, act and walk like old maharajas and sultans, but then somehow they injected a sense of modern humour in it, which makes it looked out of place. ie. the sultan was dancing "saturday nite fever" when he was going to propose to the princess. Of course the audience laughed hysterically, but somehow the classical feel was lost.

The stage looked a bit narrow, but since it had multiple split levels, and strectched to the back portion of the stage, it was just enough for the entire performance. They had props for the mountains, which were movable structures on wheels, to form mountains, and also palace walls, and other functions. And the scene in Malacca port was also shown in great style to portray the bustling atmosphere and how glorious it was at that century.

The nenek kebayan (witches) scene was a bit dull though, because of the dark lighting and the silly dancing and yelling of the neneks. They were ladies dressed in ugly and dark clothes, with long hairs, and spoke in a weird tone, singing witches' songs.

But of course, the story had a good ending to it. The princess (the talented Tiara Jacquelina) and Hang Tuah (acted by the handsome Stephen-Hughes Rahman) were reunited at the mountain. Credits have to given to the whole acting crew, who gave so much effort into their brilliant performance. Tiara was exceptionally good at portraying the princess' emotions through her songs and expressions.

I truly enjoyed the show. If there would be a 3rd season, I suggest you guys catch it as well. It's worth a watch, and support the local arts scene.


My life: A date with the Mystical Princess

This musical, Puteri Gunung Ledang, has caught my attention since it was mentioned in the newspapers when they started the production. The mystical princess will be played by Tiara Jacquelina, a famous local actress. ooh...I can't wait to watch it tonight!


My life: Desperate for a holiday

I think it's a good start. I've sticked to my plan, went for morning exercise last weekend. Then went for a swim. not bad not bad...hahaha... really feels good after sweating out. But then hor...should control myself a little, not to "pig" out after swimming. :P N is such a bad influence on this. tsk tsk... tempting me with all the sinful food.

Been telling myself I need a holiday...I need a holiday...better make some plans soon. Should whack myself on the head, it took me ages to actually go find a holiday package. Finally I surfed to a few websites, trying to best deal to fit my budget, and aaah~ sort of decided the destination and package lah. The problem now is picking a date and applying for my leave. muahaha~ I do deserve a break. The last time I did was ages ago, when I went for Lang Tengah. I miss the beach and the cute fishies!

desperate for a holiday,


My life: Just some thoughts

Was thinking to catch another episode of DH, then thought of checking email. (*habits are hard to die, tsk tsk...email is so much part of my life) whoa..didn't really expect the email today. But I guess it sort of answered my wonderings for the past one day. There's 50-50 chance of getting through the phone interview I had last week.

If I play it right, I might get the better offer between the two. If not, I will just have to content settling for number 2. aah~ life is always a betting game. You place your bets against the odds, and praying hard it will turn out just the way you wanted, or if you get lucky, better.

This is so contradicting..haha.. It seems so miraculous that these glimmers of hope can affect one's attitude in life. Oh...i meant work in particular. It seems not so distant ago I started here, still hesitant about my choice and partly regretting my rash move. Then I went through a series of emotional ups and downs, like an undecided child crying for the right attention. Then I sort of settled into my circle of friends, whom have started brighten up my working life, sharing work and life stories of sorts. It seems like yesterday when I first had the interview at the old office back in MK. And now, more than a year has passed since, I've grown and learnt more. Not fully grown, but definitely more than who I was a year before.

Work is forever piling up on my plate. No matter how soon you clear it, it always manage to refill itself in the shortest time. (*how i wish the same might be applied to $$ :P) Occasionally I do the usual grumblings, but still slowly eating away the pile on my plate, and forgetting the whole fuss, until the whole cycle repeats itself. Life..life...monotonous? not really, at least the work is different everyday. (*you never know when you kena marah from your client)

I'm thinking of starting a new habit in my life. more exercise...haha...this is obviously understated. N has been constantly reminding me the inconsistency and lack of it in my routine. As much as i wish to commit more into it, work is always the number one reason that make me eat my words. So I'm going to jog on the weekends (*ok, so it's just a brisk walk, who cares? as long as i do sweat out :P), swimming and gym are optional throw-ins (*provided my personal trainer is with me..haha). Objective is to work out and sweat, makes the heart pumping and feel good. Losing weight and inches? Oh...I assume those two are complimentary results once I stick to this new habit..hahaha.

Too much words for tonite,


My life: The after lunch call

Finally, the call came today just after my lunch... Definitely I was overjoyed. But hmm..I still want to find out how well I did for the other interview. Basically I am ok with either one. But I think I like the second better. Ooh...must remind myself can't be too greedy.

Must remember to "bai-bai" (pray in Mandarin), thanks for giving the opportunity, and giving the confidence to "bull-shit" in front of those interviewers...haha :P

Thank god...thank you for helping me to get the job offer.. :)
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