28. Balancing Your Wardrobe Yin & Yang

Ever noticed certain colours complement your personality and looks better? I've always think I look better in pink and green dresses. And guess what, I'm almost right! Here's what I came across, coordinating colours of your wardrobe can help balance the yin and yang of a person.
First, you have to discover your Kua number:
Ladies - add the last two digits of your birth year together, then add the total with 5. If you get double-digit figure, add the two numbers to arrive at a single digit.
Example: my birth year is 1979, the calculations are as follows:
            7 + 9 =16
            16 + 5 = 21
             2 + 1 = 3
So, my Kua number is 3.
Guys - subtract 10 from the last 2 digits of your birth year, and arrive at a single digit.
The Chart Guide
Kua Number - Auspicious Colours for Personal Well-Being
1 - Green, reddish brown, black, blue
2 - Yellowish beige, metallic, yellowish saffron
3 - Orangy red, bluish black, geeenish brown
4 - Bluish black, reddish orange, greenish brown
5 - Yellowish beige, metallic white
6 - Metallic, terracotta, white
7 - Metallic white, yellowish beige, terracotta
8 - Beige, white, metallic, brown
9 - Red, orange
So take the opportunity to update your wardrobe with the current mega sales and put a balance to your well-being! I don't know whether this works or not, but I do believe each colour has their own effect on our mood and therefore our well-being. ;-)

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