23. Things that couples do - Part 3

Nix just bought a book on playing pool and he was talking about it for the past one week. He kept on "harassing" me about his pool games after work with his colleagues, and how he has read the techniques in the book and was so eager to practise and try them out. So he suggested that both of us go to his Games Room at his office last weekend, and I thought "great!"......
Last Saturday, I took the train down to Bangi to meet up with him. Then we drove to his office at Cyberjaya. Well, it was a nice introduction to the place for me as I've never venture into that area before. We passed by many big companies buildings along the way, all looking more like country resorts than a workplace. Finally, after about 20 minutes' drive, we reached the place.
First, I must say the office does look great. Secondly, the games facilities provided are definitely adequate enough for me! There were pool tables, caroms table, dart boards, ping-pong tables, and foosball too. Enough of those...both of us started playing pool. First, we practised some straight shots, then Nix taught me how to correctly shoot the ball and how to aim. Wow, with a few valuable tips, my game did improve alot that day! And I enjoyed better when playing as my shots were more accurate. Eventhough I'm not good enough to beat Nix, but I must say I gave him a run for victory...hehehe :P
Before we left, we had a game of foosball. This is more exciting than pool, we were (*or rather, just me, hehe) shouting and jumping, while turning the "skewers" (*what do you call those things anyway?). What a tiring game, but it was full of fun!
After taking a shower to freshen up, we decided to relax and catch the latest movie - Fantastic Four! Well, I would like to write more here, but that's another story for another time...

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