30. Thursday's life

Woke up late. Wore casual to work.
Got to get a quotation from the vendor. Wondering why didn't the lady return my call yesterday..dang!
Got lucky this time, she called back and arranged to meet at my office.
First time at this sort of meeting, but it gets easier as it progressed. Not bad.
Back to editing proposals.
Lunch at Segambut Dalam. Totally don't know where I was. New place.
But lunch is ok. Nice "chap fan".
Back to office. Nix called. A new gadget to add to my cd player perhaps.
More proposals editing.
Got a call from my job agent. More job opportunities. Felt excited.
Type, type, type...
Time to go off. K stopped by my desk and started "advising". At the wrong time.
But it was a good conversation. Left office.
Jam as usual on the road. Bro called to pick him up on the way back.
Reached the station. Tried to park, almost hit the road kerb. Damn it!
Wait, wait, wait...20 minutes...where's that silly boy?
Finally bro hopped into the car. Gave him a fine lecture.
Nix called again after my dinner. Told me about his pool games.
Watched Korean serials. Hmm...the show are getting more interesting to watch, probably will follow it through.
Reading through the job descriptions forwarded to me by the agent. Scrutinising the descriptions.
Watched HK movie on tv. What? How many repeats they wanna have for that show?
Anyway, watched it again.
Mind is in a confused state. Analysis needed. Thinking required. Decision to be made.
What the heck. Not a good time to think now. Gotta sleep.

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