My life: SL's wedding lunch @ Bandar Sg. Long

Jan-08, SL, an old school mate of mine go married. The lunch was at a Chinese restaurant at the Bandar Sg. Long clubhouse. Food wise, it was delicious, and well presented, and far better than what those posh hotels in KL are offering for their wedding dinner package. Plus it has a nice view of the golf course while you lunch.

The wedding lunch was also a gathering of sorts for all my old friends. SL was my primary school friends, and her mom was a teacher at our school. Needless to say, I saw many of my ex-teachers during the lunch. But it was a great feeling to be around old friends again and chatting about our old times, and updating each other news about oneself. And I was especially thrilled to meet one of my good friends again, CK, since I left standard six. He's the guy in white shirt without specs in the photos. And I'm definitely surprised to hear that he's an economic lecturer at one of the local college.

Well, seeing the faces of our old teachers were nonetheless interesting. We're quite amazed that most of the teachers could remember our faces, and our names! And also what we did back then...awww... But we were quite ashamed to admit that we couldn't recall some of the teachers' names.

And of course the wedding couple was splendid in their outfits, and looking like the king and queen of the day. They look blissful and evidently enjoying their moment. All the best to the new couple, and may they live happily ever after :)


My life: A journey through my love life (translated)

I had posted a post in Chinese recently, my apologies for those who didn’t understand a word of it. So I took some time to do a translation of it.

Had some thoughts after reading mclady’s "old lovers". I didn’t have her puppy love experiences, but I did have two ex-lovers.

My first love was my secondary schoolmate. His wits and humour were the things that I admired back then. During the four years that we were together, we had shared good and bad memories. Thinking back now, I still don’t comprehend why our relationship had lasted that long. However, he has taught me many things and after the long four years, I definitely wasn’t the innocent girl that I was when I first knew him. I was sad when I requested for a break up. But he sounded so cool over the phone, as if nothing has ever happened (well, at least that’s what I thought back then).

Thinking back, I guess we were never really in a “love” relationship, it was just a relationship between two very good friends, who cared about each other. Maybe he realised his feelings for me has faded long ago, but unfortunately I wasn’t aware of it. He didn’t raise the subject anyway, probably not to hurt my feelings. Anyway, breaking up is not a fearful thing, and it’s not a pain or torture for me either. How would you taste the bitterness if the cup of tea is tasteless? The only regret about it was I should have realise it ealier.

I don’t know if he will read this blog, but I do want to thank him for being my very good friend in the past, and it was a pleasure to be his friend.

Thanks to my friends, the post break up days were easy for me. I was never alone to brave the sadness and confusion. After the break up, I then had a crush for another guy and of course, I told him how I felt about him. Eventhough the relationship didn’t go any further, I have no regrets. However, we still remain as friends, and meet each other occasionally just like old friends do. I really appreciate that he stays a friend to me till today. And I wish him all the best in his current relationship.

My single life was still happy and carefree as usual.

My second relationship was a mixture of confusion and mistakes. I’m sorry if he has to read this blog. It was never my intention to hurt him. And I just wish to express whatever I felt.

I wasn’t interested in him in anyway, and I did the right thing to decline his advances. But his persistence softened my heard, and I gave in. That was one great mistake that I regret till now, and I hate myself for it.

Of course, we were happy during the beginning of our relationship. But still, behind those happy faces, my hesitations showed. And when I got to know my current boyfriend, I realised I have feelings for him, and as time goes by, my feelings for him grew. I knew he was the one for me, there was none of the hesitations.

Eventhough I should have been happy at that moment upon the realisation, but unfortunately that was not to be. I was sad and confused. I wished I had met the right person at the right time. I wanted to make a decision, but I don’t know how should I decide. I felt helpless and confused again, and of course, this led to our constant disagreeents. The bright side of the disagreements was I discovered more and more of what my heart desired.

I knew I had to decide. I had learnt long ago that, it’s better to endure a temporary setback now, than to face a lingering pain in the future. Believe me, you’ll laugh at all the silliness now when you are silver-haired. All will not matter anymore.

The story after that was plain to see, and I shall not elaborate further. Life has to go on, and there’s nothing more that I can do to lessen his pain. I only wish him all the best and sorry for hurting him badly.

I have no wish to turn back in time, to walk down the memory lane again. Nevertheless, it will stay forever as a black spot in my life. Sometimes I’m filled with anguish, wondering why he stepped into my life? It’s a feeling that never subside. But to be an ingrate would be a sin, I am thankful that he let me go, so that I was free to love again. I don’t wish to be forgiven, and I hope he’ll be a happier person without me.

I’m happy now, and it’s a bliss to love and to be loved. Thank you dear, for your courage to step into my life, and brighten up my life again. You have shown me the courage to love again and have faith in love. I pray that you will remain part of my life for the rest of my days.

And I finally found what my heart desires … You, my dear.

Jalan-jalan: Empire Hotel and Country Club @ Brunei

Last Sunday my colleauges and I went to this very nice and grand hotel near Tunku Beach in Brunei.

It's called the Empire Hotel and Country Club. It's land area is really big, it has a golf course, club house, the hotel, a theatre, and a restaurant. Everything about the building and architecture is so grand, it's fit for a king! Well, someone told me it was built by the King's bro. And many VVIPs, dignitaries and celebrities stayed there before. The cheapest room rate starts from B$500++ and the most expensive, the Emperor Suite costs around B$24,000++!! My, my, it's definitely meant for the rich and famous. And that's why we saw most the hotel guests were gweilos.

The interior of the hotel is so grand. Too bad my phone camera can't really capture the place. The pillars, flooring and walls are made from big slabs of whole marble, not the cut types that we usually use for our homes back in Malaysia. Even the restrooms are big, and marbles are of big slabs too! Imagine how costly it is. And of course they have gold trimmings here and there...well, at least the colour does look like it, I don't think it's real gold lah. The lobby itself stretches to about 4-5 levels.

I asked to see one of the hotel rooms, and you know what the receptionist told me? Haha...she said "oh, at the moment, all our rooms are fully occupied. So I can't show it to you." What a lame excuse! From the look of the number of hotel guests wandering around the hotel, it definitely can't be fully occupied.

The hotel is near the beach, it has a nice and unpolluted beach and waters. There are water sports too, like the banana boat. Oh, and in the hotel itself, the swimming pool is not your usual kind of pool. It's big, it looks more like a small lake than a pool. The pool base is covered with sand, so it's like a man made beach. I was told that many people come here just to visit. At another end of the hotel, there's a theatre, where you can match movies. It's a little deserted though, not as crowded as our very own GSCs ot TGVs.

Visit the hotel's website to have a clearer view of the hotel.


My life: A journey through my love life


刚刚读了mclady的"旧情人", 让我有些感想. 我没有她所谓的puppy loves, 但是我曾经有过两个旧情人.

我的初恋是我的中学同学, 那时欣赏他的智慧,喜欢他的幽默. 和他一起走过差不多四年的时间,有快乐也有心酸. 现在想起来也不知道为什么会在一起这么久. 但是他教了我很多东西, 让我不再那么单纯无知. 分手是我提出的. 当时的他, 在电话里头听起来是那么的不在意. 是的, 当时我是那么的想. 而在电话另一头的我, 还在犹豫, 有点不舍.

现在的我, 不在天真. 我想我们两个并没有真正的相爱过. 只不过是两个谈得来的朋友, 互相关心对方. 我想当时的他, 已对我的感情渐渐淡化, 只是我并没有发觉, 也许他抑是如此. 也或许他已发觉得比我更早, 却不想伤害我. 但, 当时分手对我来说已并不残忍, 也并不痛苦. 试问, 淡茶怎么还会喝出苦味呢? 我只遗憾为何当初没更早发觉呢?

我不晓得我的初恋会否看到这篇文章. 但是, 我只想说, 认识你的确是开心的. 谢谢你曾经是我最好的朋友.

分手后的一段日子, 谢谢我身边的朋友们, 他们并没有让我孤独. 分手后, 曾经暗恋一个男孩, 也表白过. 虽然没有结果, 但是起码我试了, 我不会抱着遗憾. 现在的他和我偶尔也会见面, 依然是好朋友. 谢谢他依然是我的朋友. 虽然他看不懂华文, 但是我还是要祝福他和现在的女朋友.


我的第二段感情说回头真的有点错综复杂. 我知道他会看到这篇文章, 所以先要道歉.

是他先对我表白. 因为我并没有对他有任何好感, 所以我拒绝了他. 而且他并不是我心仪的那种男孩. 其实我已发觉他对我的好意, 也试过暗示我的婉拒, 但是他依然固执. 后来我心软了, 接收了他. 这个决定, 让我后来很内疚, 也很恨我自己.

开始在一起的时候是有开心过. 但是在我开心的背后, 心底深处始终有点犹豫. 这点我瞒不过他. 但我更瞒不过他我心里的背叛. 因为后来我认识了我现任男朋友, 我发觉我好喜欢他, 他就是我在寻找的, 我也知道他会更适合我.

我的心好难过, 好犹豫. 为什么在错的时候遇到对的人? 我想做个决定, 但是决定如何呢? 我好无助, 好彷徨. 我的犹豫让我们开始有纠纷, 但是也让我醒悟我真正要的是什么...

他们都说长痛不如短痛. 有了决定, 我在也不犹豫. 一时的残忍比迟来的仁慈对大家都好. 这点我最清楚不过. 后来的事, 我也不用多提. 当然不免会有泪流, 也会心痛与不舍. 事过变迁, 我希望他已放下心里的负担, 心情已平淡. 无论如何, 路终究要走下去. 对不起, 是我伤害了他.

现在的我只想忘掉那段时光, 毕竟那是我生命中的错误与阴影. 有时我会恨, 为什么他会出现在我生命中. 是的, 我放不下这个恨. 我并不期望他的原谅, 只希望他离开了我会好过. 但是对一个曾经对我好的人, 我却不能不感恩. 谢谢他放开我, 让我寻找我的幸福, 让我再次开心.

现在的我是开心的, 是幸福的. 谢谢他走进了我的生命, 谢谢他的勇气, 让我重新感觉爱, 感觉幸福. 是的, 我终于找到我要的.

translation for this post


Sharing: Electrical Engineer's Valentine Poem

This just came into my inbox, I thought is was a very creative writing to share with all. Thanks to nise for this forwarded poem.

I was alone and all was dark,
Beneath me and above

My life was full of volts and amps But not the spark of love.
But now that you are here with me My heart is overjoyed,
You turn the square of my heart, Into a sinusoid.

You load things from my memory,
Onto my systems bus.
My life was once assembly code,
Now its C++.

I love the way you solder things, My circuits you can fix.
The voltage across your diode is, much more than just point six.
With your amps and resistors,
You have built my integrator.
I cannot survive without you,

You are my function generator.
You have charged my life,
Increased my gain and made my maths discrete.
And now I'll end my poem,
Control, Alt, and Delete.

Makan-makan: Noodle Kings @ Pandan Indah

What to eat: Curry mee, Asam Laksa, Prawn Mee & Chicken Kuay-Teow soup (Gai si hor fun)
Where: Noodle King (same row as the Hakka Mee @ Pandan Indah, opposite Steven's Corner, near the hospital)
Food rating: 2/5 (curry mee)

ast Saturday N and I went to try this restaurant at Pandan Indah. I think the shop's name is Noodle King (literal translation from Chinese "mian wang"). Looks like a new shop. And it sells only 4 types of noodle, which they named them "Si Da Mian Wang" (four kings of noodles).

The interior of the shop was quite clean and new, with a kopitiam feel since the tables and chairs they used looked like those old china furnitures. They also have other small dishes like dumplings. A bowl of noodle cost around RM4 - 5. Personally I think the price is a bit expensive for the small portion of food that they served. But I guess you pay for the ambience you enjoyed having meal at this shop.


Tech stuff: Flash Wristband from Imation

Saw this wearable flash memory from Imation on CNet site, it's called the Flash Wristband. I think this is nothing new, as I've seen flash memory integrated to a wristwatch. But since the rubber straps seemed to be latest fad lately, this should catch on with the young users. One good design is that the USB port is encased in the strap, which prevents any damage to it. However, if you are expecting large storage, you shall be disappointed, as Imation is playing it safe by offering a meager 256MB of flash.

Price: US$34.99
Target in US, end January
Flash drive
Basic specs:
Blue or black color


Life: What's it like to miss someone?

What's it like to miss someone?
It's constantly in your thoughts, wherever you look, whatever you do.
You think that it will not matter,
but it creeps into your mind when you least expect it.

What's it that you miss, really?
Is it the person , the feeling you share, the touch, or something more intimate?
It's never just one thing that you miss,
'cause the experience you share with that someone,
is always a combination of everything,
and that's why the moments shared are unique in everyway.

Your mind pauses, your thoughts interrupted,
you see the face, you feel the presence,
you feel the emotion, you feel the touch,
...and the loneliness without that someone.
And that's when you miss that someone.

Your thoughts wander, your mind linger,
you hesitate, you wonder...
how is that someone doing?
what is on that someone's mind?
will the person miss you like you do?

When you miss someone so much,
in everyway possible,
it pains the heart just to think of it,
knowing you can't see face to face,
or hear the voice, or sense the touch.
The waiting is excruciating, it tests your patience,
but it's the hope and the faith, that you'll be together again someday,
that makes all the waiting bearable,
and dulls away every pain.

That's what it's like to miss someone.
Do you share the same feelings too?


My life: Bumping into a road bully at One Utama

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, and again I'm doing last minute shopping. Ok, maybe not that very "last minute" yet, but since I will be busy travelling to Brunei again in the next 2 weeks, I guess this is "last minute" for me.

Decided to shop at One Utama yesterday since it was a public holiday. Went crazy looking for a parking space, and in the process of it, got a nasty experience with a sulky looking uncle, who had the nerve to show his middle finger at me! This driver was reversing into a space on the left, but I guessed he got a little difficulty parking into it. As he was reversing, a car on the right was leaving, and I happily thought it should be rightfully mine. How wrong was I! The sulky uncle just drove into the right parking space just when I wanted to park into it. Eventhough I put on the signal light before he decided to ditch the left parking space the last minute! I almost drove into his car!

Eventhough I don't mind taking his first choice, but I couldn't as there was already a car waiting behind and I have already drove past the space. So the sulky uncle walked out of his black Perdana, and shouting at me, and banging his fist on car. Man!!! I really hate him! And there were a few cars looking on at us as well. So I did as a lady would in such situation, totally ignore his obscene shoutings, and without batting an eyelid at him, and drove off. But deep inside my mind, I was cursing him..*evil grin (maybe an unfortunate little tyre puncture for him would suffice to cause any damage..hehehe) But I'm glad that I'd N was sitting beside me during that ugly scene (Thanks! :D).

I couldn't get the whole experience out of my mind since it happened. But hopefully by blogging it down, I get throw it to the wind and forget the whole incident.

Oh, anyway in the end, I did find a nice parking spot. I don't recall his exact car registration number though, but just in case you bump into this sulky uncle (he's chinese, btw), he's driving a black Perdana V6, car no. - Wxx 623.

This adds to another reason why I avoid visiting 1U, besides difficulty in finding a parking space, the big crowd and the distance... :P well, but that's just my personal judgement. Should any of you find that it's your shopping heaven, I'm not going to stop you! ;-)


Makan-makan: Kopi Pork Ribs @ Pandan Perdana

What to try: Kopi Pai Guat
Where: Seafood restaurant at Pandan Perdana
Food rating: 2.5/5

Had this kopi "pai-guat" (pork ribs) for yesterday dinner. It tasted abit of coffee flavour and a little sweet. If you want to try this, head to this corner seafood restaurant opposite Restoran Talipon at Pandan Perdana. You can see this restaurant as you come along Middle Ring Road II (MRR2). It's near the Econsave building.

Makan-makan: Korean food @ Ampang Point

Location: Korean restaurant @ "little Korean village" opposite De Palma Hotel, Ampang Point (lots of Korean restaurants at this area)
When: Saturday's dinner
Who: M, C, N and I
Why: M&C belated wedding anniversary celebration (that's what M told me laa... :P)
Food choices: Korean BBQ and ala-carte food, loved the BBQ pork slices and bean paste soup!
Food rating: 3.5/5

M woke me from my afternoon slumber after coming back from my ex-colleagues gathering at Ichiban. Dunno why she suddenly has the "minat" to taste some Korean food...so where's the best place to try, of course the well-known "little Korean village" at Ampang Point loh.. so that's why we ended up there.

Anyway, as we had no idea which was the best, we randomly pick one restaurant. I forgot the restaurant though, but it was one of the shops opposite the One Ampang Avenue condos.

We ordered the BBQ pork, sweet and sour chicken, kimchi soup, bean paste soup and grilled fish. As usual, every Korean meal comes with the condiments. We enjoyed the BBQ pork thoroughly!!! The slice or pork was BBQ-ed right in front of us, then to eat it, you have to wrap it in the lettuce, put some bean paste and bite it...whoa...the taste is excellent! The pork was well marinated and even without the bean paste, it tasted good.

The chicken was so-so, though C seemed to enjoyed it alot :P The grilled fish was nothing to mention about. But the soups didn't let us down. Overall, we had a sumptious meal and a full tummy to show for it... :P~


Makan-makan: Ichiban @ Wisma MPL

Location: Ichiban Japanese Restaurant, Wisma MPL, Jln Raja Chulan
Ex-Axis colleagues
Get together, ML's belated wedding celebration, FK's new baby
Food: Limited sushi variety, loved the tempura and soba noodles. Has other Malaysian food (curry, mee, fried rice etc), with ice cream and soft drinks too. Moderately priced.
My personal rating: 2/5

Last Saturday, x-Axisians had a get-together session at Ichiban restaurant. We were supposed to have a get-together months ago, but apparently the "appointed organiser" was very busy loh... anyway, we had a fun time catching up and lapping up the buffet spread.

I was surprised to see ML's bulging tummy when she walked in! OMG, that's another good news, ML gonna be a mommy this coming March. And that got us busy guessing and laying bets on the baby's sex :P Now that 3 of our gang are married with/going to have kids, parenting topic slowly creeped into our conversation. Nevertheless, I'm happy for those who are happily married and having kids... haha...happy parenting!

Oh, btw, this time I didn't take any photos of the food. Cos..ahem..I was too hungry and was busy filling up my hungry tummy :P However, do enjoy our happy faces in these photos for those who missed the gathering....and thanks to Chris who volunteered to organise this fun gathering and all who made an effort to attend it :D



The Platters: An Amazing Christmas @ Genting

Went for The Platters Charity Show at Genting on Christmas night with family and N. The charity show & dinner was an extended show to raise funds for a computer lab for the Methodist Primary School, KL.

Superb performance from them, singing all those all too familiar songs like "The Great Pretender", "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" etc. plus a special appearance by a Chinese lady who sang 2 Theresa Teng's songs and Lady Gigi who did brief performance while The Platters change costumes backstage.

Dinner was so-so though. Anyway, the show was definitely entertaining and the audience seemed contented for an amazing Christmas with the Platters.
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