Buying motor insurance cover

My car had just past its one-year mark and I have just switched the car insurance company for convenience sake. Car insurance are not cheap nowadays depending on your car value. My, my...the premiums do burnt a hole in my pocket this month.

Talking about car, few things I would like to share with you some things to consider when you buy motor insurance cover. I saw some of these useful info from my insurance policy brochure, perhaps some of you already known some of the things. But it's never bad to know more ;-)

Insurable Interest
Make sure you buy insurance cover as soon as you purchase a vehicle, even when buying a used car. This is to protect your interest as the previous owner's cover is no longer valid.

Insured Value/Sum Insured
Ensure you vehicle is adequately insured.
New vehicle : sum insured = purchase price
Others : sum insured = market value of vehicle when policy is bought

Under-insurance : sum insured is less than market value. You will only be partially compensated in the event of a loss.

Over-insurance : sum insured is higher than market value. The maximum compensation is the market value of the vehicle, so you will not profit from a claim.

So you need to determine the market value to avoid under- or over- insurance.

To read more, you can find out from these links:
Home insurance - http://www.nationsfinance.co.uk/insurance/home-insurance.html
Car insurance - http://www.nationsfinance.co.uk/insurance/
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Yin Jin's Wedding @ 11/18/2007

Attended another wedding dinner of my ex-schoolmates on the day after Ah Long's wedding. This time, the bride & the bridegroom were both my ex-classmates. The hall was nicely decorated, with beige and orange roses, and litted candlelights. Even the slideshow was tastefully done. Oh, of course the couple looked radiant!

roses & candles the slideshow
my gal friends
with the couple
click here for more of the photos

Ah Long's Wedding @ 17/11/2007

It isn't everyday you get to see Ah Long dressed up in nice suit, and his hair neatly combed :P It was such a pretty sight to see Joey and Ah Long holding hand in hand, giving toast to the guests, and playing host to their own wedding party!

Though it a vegetarian lunch, I must say the food is awesome! Even the food presentation is interesting. We're trying to guess what each plate of food was made from (e.g mushroom, taufu, beans etc..) What creative chefs they have.

the couple walking in car in ribbons

the 1st dish save the best for last!

...and all of us who went...

And of course, go here for more of the wedding lunch photos.

Thinking of garage flooring?

I've not moved into the new house I've bought, and neither does the house have any garage. Malaysian houses can't afford to have garages, but we do see crudely built garages in the city outskirts.

Let's see, if I were to have my own garage, I would of course parked my precious baby (my car of course) there. So to match the colour of my car, the garage flooring should be in silver or ivory colour. And of course it should be non slip and solid (so that I don't get slipped down while admiring my car).

I may consider those garage floor tiles which are quiet, warm, fire and chemical resistant, flexible and will not crack (in case dearie wants to get a 4x4 into the garage!)


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Pictures of my Kota Kinabalu trip...more!

I've finally uploaded more of my KK trip photos here. Phew! what a massive job. And that's not all the pictures I've. A few of us have brought cameras, and each of us have snapped different pictures! But I guess these are enough to feast your eyes for now. Sorry for the long wait. Click on the link to view the entire photo collection from my camera (yup, from the newly bought camera). It will show you the places we went, what we ate, and our transportation.

Oh, forgot to mention...nah, we didn't reach the peak because of bad weather. What a waste...but we did enjoyed the trip, very much indeed :-)

At the meeting point of Mesilau Trail and Timpohan Trail...

...not at the peak yet! just at Laban Rata, but the view is awesome!


Online Coupons

With the blink of an eye, Deepavali has just flew past us, and now I can almost hear the ringing bells of Christmas (oh, and my “not so far away” birthday too :P)

Well, well...you know what I am thinking? Yup, wishlists and gifts!

I have always like those pretty stuffs that smell nice, and BodyShop deals are definitely somewhere to start…Aah.. some bath gels to pamper myself, or some sweet smelling perfumes, or some hip lippies balm to protect the soft kissable lips.

Of course, if you feel kind of rich and generous enough to spend it on me, take a look at Dell’s deals. A LCD screen or a hip laptop from Dell would be great to decorate my desktop.

Haha..but these are not the only ones you can choose for me. Check out other stores that offers some cool deals at and discount coupons at CouponChief.com

Now, how I wish they have this e-coupons in Malaysia. Kind of make your Christmas shopping easier, ain’t it?

Pictures of my Kota Kinabalu trip (25-29 Sept)

I know this post is waaaay past the due..but, but, it's better late than never :P There'll be no long winded story to tell. As I'm too lazy to write the whole experience. But hey, looking at the photos will be quite enough to tell you about my trip to KK. If you want to know about the intinerary and how we planned it, well, you gotta ask for it ;-) There were six of us, 4 guys and 2 girls...together we go for water fun and mountain climbing..oh, and of course shopping and makan-makan too !

Tuesday nite (25/09)
- LCCT waiting hall, waiting to board the flight to KK.

Wednesday (26/09) -- White water rafting

- Borneo Backpackers Inn

- Beaufort train station, train ride to upper parts of Sg Padas for White Water Rafting

- After WWR, riverside scenes

- back to backpackers inn, our room

Thursday (27/09) -- Climbing Mount KK

van ride to the National Park

- at the National Park, before climbing

- During the climb

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