Baby blue nails with daisies

I feel blue today...oops..actually it's my fingers and toes...

I've yet to try out this new colour, I thought this colour looks so peaceful and sweet when I bought it.
I decided to be a little more adventurous today, erm...I mean with my painting tool..with different combination of colours. Daisies seem like an easy choice. Plus it looks kinda cute with the baby blue base.
Previous try at nail painting : apple green with white dots


Potluck & nails (pic 11-23)

Potluck & nails (pic 1-10)


Potluck & nails

What an odd title for this post. Yup, you read it right. We had Pot Luck at J's house this time. Since this year, this has been a ritual for my lunch gang. We would take turns hosting a pot luck gathering.

This time we had herbal chicken, fried rice, fried noodles, satay, fried pork strips, barley dessert, fruits and ice cream. No photos on the food as I was too hungry to think of snapping photos. It was only when eating dessert, did I realise that mistake.

Anyway, the highlight of the pot luck gathering was nails stamping! Thanks to A. She recently acquired a new hobby of nails stamping and has bought the necessary nails stamping set. So we were there to be her "guinea pigs" :P

It was fantastic how fast she could use those tools to transform our plain nails into nicely coloured nails with fancy patterns and little sticky glitters. I'm not going to describe in length, let the photos do the talking. Since there are many photos here, I'll post them up in few subsequent posts.

Visit here for nails stamping stuff.


Brown shoes to the collection

Besides shopping for nail colours, I had actually shopped for shoes yesterday.

I was in a "photography mood", so I snapped some pictures of my new pair of shoes.
I got this pair which was on 20% sales discount from Viss. Something simple yet feminine enough for work or formal events. I liked the rose-like pattern, and the dark brown and copper colours show off the designs quite well.

And of course, with my brightly painted toe nails, it look pretty, ain't it? :P

Shoes for wedding

Lollipoops and I had went shoe hunting at Pavillion KL on one fine day. I thought I had better chances there to get a pair of nice fancy shoes for my wedding photo shot and also of course for the wedding itself. Not quite actually. First of all, the price tags are much heftier, but not necessarily nice to catch my fancy. Secondly, there ain't too many shoes shop around Pavillion with vast enough shoes collection to shop!

Anyway, we spotted this pair at our first stop at Tangs. It was on a sale. Actually, it was the red one that caught my eye. But then, wedding shoes have always traditionally been white/beige, so of course I turned to the champagne coloured sibbling beside it. The price tag made me hesitated. We decided to venture into more shops before deciding.

I was on the verge of giving up on my shoe hunting mission, and Lollipoops suggested we went back to my "first love". I tried the shoes, posed and strutted, aa...the price is still too much... but then I thought, why not? I'm not even sure if I can hunt another pair at other places, sure the price is abit on the high side, but what's more important than my own wedding? What the heck, I swished out my plastic card, and the deal was done :-)

*special thanks to Lollipoops who accompanied me on the shoe hunting trip. Though it was tiring, but I enjoyed the fantastic dinner we had at TGIF!

Fancy nails

My initial plan was to get new eye shadow colours. But when I stepped into Elianto shop yesterday, my eyes spotted this "RM5 for one". Those colourful nail colours were hard to resist.

I had used its nail
colours before, so I knew it was worthy buy. And again, I was thinking to myself, let's just get a top coat polish and one fancy colour. I ended up buying two more...but still no top coat polish.

So my collection is now...

Oh, the neon orange and one of the marroon bottle have dried out. So you can't count those in. So it ain't too many right..erm..how many? Well...what? It's
only eight of them mah... A creative artist has to have her colour palette ok? :P And my "additional artist tools"...the toe separators (pink coloured) and a dried out correction fluid pen (aka "liquid paper").

Hehe...scratching your head why is the "liquid paper" a tool leh...
I experimented a few materials to find the right tool which I can use to draw simple patterns, and this turned out to be the best.

Since I'm just a novice, I started off with the easy patterns first... I chosed green and white colour combination to offset the greenish hue. Excuse the occassional "stray colours", I still need to practise to paint with my left hand and trying hard to control it not having some "parkinson's disease" while I paint.

My nails

My toes

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