25. Jeans 101

Find the perfect fit for different styles and cuts of jeans

Did you ever wonder how jeans came about? Here's what I found out...

"Jeans were discovered in the 18th century, when plantation workers in America needed a strong and very resilient material for their work clothes. Made completely from cotton, jeans then were dyed with indigo which made the jean cloth a dark blue colour. Jeans later become popular in the 1930s with Western cowboys and grew to become high fashion clothing in the 80s up till now with the emergence of different cuts and styles."

Well, I guess that's the reason why we all love jeans so much and it has always been all-time favourite. And here're some handy tips for buying jeans (*this really helps me in choosing, I thought I should share them with you guys)...

1. Rise
The rise of the jeans is the length between the waist and crotch. The types of rise are usually determined for the occasion that the jeans are worn. A high rise cut is suitable for a smart casual affair while a low rise cut is suited for an informal day or night out.

2. Knee
Choosing a tapered, full or straight cut depends on the size of your thighs. The best way to see how jeans are cut in the knee is by laying the pant flat and checking to see how the leg is shaped. For taller than average people, a tapered knee cut is recommended, while for the petite, a full cut is advised. A straight cut usually goes well with any height or body shape.

3. Bottoms
Straight, full, boot and bell are four primary cuts of jeans. The straight cut is the industry standard while a full cut can be identified by the large amount of material gathered where the pants meet the shoe. A boot cut will slightly flare out and fit nicely around the top of the shoe or boat, while the bell-bottom, inspired by the 70s is the most daring cut and suitable for the trendy.

So now you the basics of jeans, remember these tips when you shop for your next pair of jeans. I wonder what should I buy for my next pair of jeans....hmm...

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