Ji Muis 1st gathering - Photos

See we're all in pink! Except the bride-to-be of course :p Photos courtesy of Lolipoops

Photos courtesy of munmun


Thank you for your participation

I want to show my appreciate for all my lovely ji-muis who came for our inaugural meet up last weekend. You all have been very supportive in going PINK for the event! (actually my evil intention is to "test water" if you ladies will really wear my theme colour on the big day :P )

Lolipoops - eventhough has a prior date with her friends, but was first to arrive with Vay. And thanks for lugging her DSLR camera and took fabulous photos of us (I haven't got to see the actual photos, but I have faith in her amateur photographer's skills :P)

Vay - put on nice make up and came up with lots of naughty ideas for the ji-muis vs. heng-dais games.

MunMun - switched her shift work to join the meeting, and left her poor baby in the pet care store while we discussed more important normal ji-muis' stuff .

PL - rushed home from Rawang and appeared in 25 mins later with us strangers whom she doesn't even know except myself us pretty ladies .

And not to forget my two sisters - who offered to lug my heavy wedding albums and accompanied me to the so far unfamiliar meeting place.

Lolipoops, remember to forward those photos to all ladies ok? Otherwise you see now I've no photos to upload in this post lor.. :P
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