What I've been up to...

I just got tagged by Amidrin again. But sorry Ami, I won't be doing this tag because I just can't recall any most embarassing moments.

Brief reflection on the past 3 weeks.
  • dearie has went started his job relocation to HK (yahoo! I'm free! :P but it's no fun on the weekends without him)
  • CNY has came and will end today (eat, sleep)
  • Valentine's day has came and went (no celebrations this year)
  • work piling up for the year but good news I'm getting a good bonus this year! (yay~)
  • got a DBKL summons for parking at the restricted place (duh~)
  • am now busy discussing this year's workplan (yes, more work)
  • elections fever is on! (yes! this is the 1st time I'm voting, I missed the previous) So I'm also busy reading up politics in the news section, deciding who to give my vote to.
Hopefully I'll find more time (and mood) to write more posts here.

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