27. Cybercriminals lurk on

Came across this article this morning while checking my emails. Since I'm into blogging, it raises my concern to know attackers do use such ways to spread their malicious code. No place in cyberworld is really safe now, the best way to protect our own pc is to update your antivirus protection and do not simply put your trust to any site.
"Cybercriminals are increasingly using blog sites and other free online services to spread malicious code, Websense has

...The free services are an anonymous and affordable way for attackers to store and spread their malicious code. In April, Websense reported that blogging services were being targeted by cybercriminals. The company is now warning that other services that offer free Web space--for example, photo album sites, fan sites or greeting card sites--are also being exploited.

The attackers typically lure people to the malicious sites by sending enticing e-mails and instant messages. When a victim clicks on a link, the computer becomes infected. In one case, a greeting card was displayed and a tune played in the background while spyware was being installed on the compromised PC, Websense said.  ... (read more...)"


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