16. Gold Class date with Cruise

Nix and I were totally excited about catching a movie at the GSC Gold Class cinema in Mid Valley! Last week when Nix told me about the surprise treat, I was taken aback at first before the effect sank in. And to top it off, it was watching my favourite actor, Tom Cruise acting in the movie "War of The Worlds"! I guess I have Matt & Tini to thank for this treat.

Suddenly, both of us were like little kids, not really knowing where to go, what to expect when we arrived at the Gold Class lounge. It was unlike our numerous visits to the cinema, where we knew where we going and what we were supposed to do. The lounge was like a hotel lounge area, with comfy yellow couch and soft pillow, and also some tv programs to entertain you while you wait for the show to start. We said hello to Matt & Tini who were already there, and proceeded to order our drinks from the bar. I was told that those drinks will be delivered to your seats before the show starts.

After waiting for a few minutes, we were then chauffeured to the cinema. No crowded seats, only big comfy seats for your pleasure. We got our seats and tried to adjust the seats for the best positions, aaah~....it felt just like lying on your own bed. It reminded me of those "Ogawa" massage chairs...hahaha. Oh, if you feel a little cold, blankets are available for rent too.

The show was great, of course! And I enjoyed the experience of watching it without the usual crowd, the occasional "forgot-to-silent-my-phone" ringtones, or having any big-heads blocking my view. I could just enjoy the movie without disturbance. It was totally awesome! I would definitely give it another try when I'm just feeling "rich" to splurge a little :P

The only drawback is the seats were a little too far apart. (*we couldn't have our small talk in between scenes and also I missed Nix's shoulder to cuddle on :P )


mc said...

Gold Class.别开玩笑 :D..Should ask hubby bring me someday..how's the FEEL?

firethorn said...

haha...just once in a while splurge lah. can't do this every time, because the ticket cost RM35 per person!! I vomit blood aah~...

But it was very nice sitting in the chair, with more privacy because not so many people. And those people who watch in Gold Class are more sensible not to disturb other viewers.

And I don't think there was any phone ringing in there, and no wailing children, or kicking legs behind your seat, and no big head blocking your view.

Probably both of you should try it for you anniversary!

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