Goodbye 2009 ....

I realised I've slacked on my blogging...a lot. Have not been posting anything since the last 2 months. But it's ok, I've done many things outside of blogging world :P

Since this is the last day of 2009, I shall look back over the year that had passed...

Jan - Feb: still busy into wedding preparations and invitations RSVPs, busy on my new house renovations. and alot of cleaning, tidying and decoration work and moving things to the new house.

Mar: Had my "GuoDaLi" (bethrothal ceremony), getting married and moving into the new house. And went to Maldives for the honeymoon trip. Work-wise, getting a new line manager and lots of changes in work portfolio, roles & responsibilities and team mates.

Apr: Settling down to married life and changes in work. Adapting to married routine (lots of cooking & cleaning around the house). Frequent visits to in-laws' and my parents' house. Thinking of getting a pet dog, visited SPCA thinking to get a puppy but couldn't get any. Finally bought a cute male chihuahua.

May: welcomed our very first pet dog, Kiko, into our home on the 1st. Toilet-training for the puppy and lots of play time with Kiko. Had our first house-warming party.

June: down with flu. went to Dog's Day event in KL. started some gardening work at home. bought a new blender. experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

July: first time brought Kiko to the public park. Taught him some new tricks. First flash flood at the main access road to our housing garden, which stopped us from getting home. Got a new team mate at work.

Aug: first time trying Batik painting in a company event. went for ATV ride with some colleagues. more gardening work at home. Tried making my very first "loh mai kai" (chicken glutinous rice).

Sept: bought new microwave oven, started exploring oven cooking. bought and installed water filter (cleaner washing & drinking water finally!). brought Kiko to neighbourhood morning market. Submitted a winnning photo to the Star's newspaper thumbnails section. 5D4N visit to SiemReap and Phonm Penh with some friends. Totally a cultural visit!

Oct: a.ka. Ikea-month.. why? because we practically visited Ikea every weekend in October! project of the month was decorating the guest room. We got almost everything from Ikea. Though we had a busy and tiring time designing, planning, shopping, transporting and fixing up the room, we were really happy with the results! *you are quite welcome to stay overnight at our guest room :) Finally got my RM50 cheque for the winning photo I submitted. Joined company annual dinner event, and finally got my very first caricature drawing there! Also won a small gift from the lucky draw event :) First time participating in a Dikir Barat performance for a company's event, learnt about the dikir and made new friends.

Nov: work winding down for the year end. Busy planning for year end trip and some more minor renovations for the house. reflections on work and some planning for next year. Planning for all-gals gathering. Invited to perform a 2nd dikir barat performance at company's annual dinner (what a proud achievement for the dikir team!).

Dec: slow month as usual. Had our very first all-gals gathering (totally smashing! Had a great time catching up with everyone). 5d4n trip to Phuket, went for our very first Thai kick-boxing competition show and even got ourselves the VIP seats (just 2nd row from the ring!). "2nd-phase" renovation started for the house.

I've missed out alot of stuffs but generally this had been a great year. Lots of new experiences and learnings. And married life is not that bad as it sounds! It's less than 2 hours away from 2010, and I'm looking forward to the new year with lots of hope for a greater year ahead :D

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