My thoughts: Busy and Stressed

Familiarity breeds contempt. Routine becomes boredom.
When you have almost everything, you take it for granted.

Is that how things are supposed to be? Is it the nature of things to be that way? People are forgetful. They just settle into their comfort zone, and forget things still need to be work out to keep the things going.

It's not easy to get out of our comfort zones. Sometimes it is risky and needs courage, sometimes it is just right in front of us, but we are too lazy to initiate. Usually, early warning signs appear before we realised it. Sometimes it is not too late to mend things, if you heed the signs.

Thinking out of the box, think something different, think something new. It's easier said than done.

Lately, I have let myself lost in work. "Busy" has become my excuse. I am not giving enough attention, and keep losing my promises, both to myself and others. It wasn't that I did it consciously, but my body and mind was so tired that they refuse to keep the promises. I didn't realise that work really is taking a toll on my body and mind. A tired mind loses its creativity, innovative and interest. No wonder I'm starting to lose interest in most things. Except shying myself from others, and keeping my own thoughts. Is it just me, or do others have this too?

Sometimes when I'm free and carefree, many ideas popped into my head. And all of a sudden, I get the burst of energy to try new things. And it makes me feel good. I wonder where have all these went?

Should I blame it all on work stress? Nope, I don't think I deserve to. Everyone has to endure stress too. But I guess I have to learn to manage it, to let go once in awhile, take time to "look out of the window", "smell the flowers". I need to connect back with my circle of friends. Well, I read it somewhere in the mag, and they told me that works. I guess sharing with friends, makes you feel that you are not alone, and you see things in bigger perspective, and sometimes you get new ideas from sharing with your friends.

Time to get out of the box. But where shall I start?

busy & stressed,

My life: Losing my "precious"


I was bracing for another new day. Thinking to settle everything quick and easy, and enjoy another friday at work. But it wasn't meant to be. For those of you who have came to known, I have lost my "precious" (*ooh, I sounded like Gollum, did I? :p) Anyway, I intend to blog this down as a memory to my "precious".

It came as a rude shock to me, I was momentarily stunned, and my mind just went blank. Lucky me, there were people who cared enough and offered sympathy. And I totally appreciated their concern. It sort of made me felt better. And to know my two close colleagues were actually the first to offered help to me when they heard the bad news. Suddenly I felt thankful to have them as my friends.

Eventhough the shock have gone away, and the sadness sort of diminishing, I can't help feeling lost sometimes. I'm just not used to it not being there. Handicapped. Dependent on others. Inconvenience. I'm so used to it providing me convenience whenever I need it, and probably took it for granted. It was my first, and losing one's "first love" is always hard. hahaha :p trust me, you never want to go through what I went through, huge loss to your $ and getting your heart broken to small pieces :'((

It was comforting to know that there's always the trusty family connection, hehehe. And so I shall await. Hmm...a little of inconvenience at the moment though, but I know I shouldn't be complaining. I'm just thinking when the replacement will arrive, and it what form shall my next love appear as? hahaha....

I'm sure some of you who haven't got the news yet, would be wondering now what the heck was my "precious". hahaha....nope, I don't think it's good to mention here. I'm a bit superstitious...let the "departed soul" rest in peace, Amen.


Sharing: Orange Raisin Cake

baked my second orange cake last Saturday...hehehe... :P~
ok...I know the deco still needs some improvement...but the cake did taste yummy. What? You don't believe me? Ask my lil sis and bro. They almost ate up the whole cake. hahaha...

For those who want to try...get the recipe from Kuali site, search for "Orange Raisin Cake".
But I used chopped dates for this one, 'cos I ran out of raisins. It's something different from your usual choc cake. Plus, orange is supposed to be good rite, got lots of Vit C mah...kakaka :P

happy baking!


My life: N for New

Finally settled in to the new office. haa~ After a week of not too productive days, and getting used to the new environment, everything seems to be in place...well, sort of.

One thing for sure, the food here is expensive. Eventhough there's a coffeeshop selling the hawkers' fare, I heard the price of the drinks are quite expensive. Imagine 60 cents for a glass of chinese tea! To date, the worst meal experience I had was at the mamak's store. First, it was so pricey for a normal mamak fare (RM3.40 for a plate of plain maggi goreng and RM1.90 for a glass of iced milo!). Secondly, it was the poor service (so slow, and the waiters don't seem to notice your waving hands, and my colleague was unlucky to encounter rude service). I swear I would never go to that shop unless unavoidable!

Food aside, I find it quite convenient to work here. The parking rates are much cheaper, banks and shops are just around the block, and petrol stations are always along the way to work...hahaha... so no more complains :P

The days have been busy for me, catching up with datelines, moving office, catching up with lost time...phew! Sorry guys, for not updating my blog. Creative juices dried up when you are too tired catching on with life.

Oh, managed to catch the "V for Vendetta" show last week. Quite an interesting movie, I found myself quite engrossed in the movie. And gosh, V was definitely very dashing when he carved his "V" sign on the wall, and playing with his blades. You guys should watch it.
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