My new hairstyle

I decided to had a haircut last weekend. Getting bored with my same old long hairstyle.
(If you wonder why I seldom change hairstyle...I don't like to visit the hair saloon :P)

I was contemplating which hairstyle will suit me..
short or medium?
wavy or straight?

I wanted a make over. So I decided to visit a "trustable" saloon, one which I visited once long ago, and was pretty pleased with the results. For the benefit of those who haven't seen my latest look, deng deng deng... (don't laugh ok :P)

The hairstyle is shoulder's length and I had it coloured dark brown ;-) I like the fringe and the hair "fly-aways" at the side.

Haircut from Snips Saloon (Leisure Mall), hairstylist - Sunny

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