My life: Tioman pics

to my dear readers,

sorry i didn't update this blog for few weeks. and the tioman photos, my apologies again.
since started on my new job, i've been lazy to blog. there are so many new things in my worklife, new place, new friends, new procedures, new skills, almost everything's so overwhelming. But it's good to see a few familiar faces in this company and catch up on the old times.

as promised, here are selected few of my photos taken during my trip to Tioman last month. Nothing impressive...but there's a pic of a live squid, caught just by using a pink-neon coloured plastic bait. A big biawak, looked like pregnant, swimming in the small river just in front of our chalet. Oh, also the intricate fruit carvings of a Malay man in the restaurant where we had our dinner.

long time no blog,

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