29. Busy Idling

Work has been busy these few weeks. As much as I would like to complain, it is definitely better than my earlier weeks working in CV. Well, at least there are new things to learn and knowledge to gain. My brains are working hard, and my fingers are getting the exercise. 'nuf said, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. And I'm glad things are looking better around here.
My blog entries have been slacking a little lately due to work. But it's always good to have a short break and reenergise myself with more ideas to write here. Don't know how many of you out there that really read my blogs, but it's fun to write and share. It's like writing your own book, but you get some feedback occasionally and there's no restriction on what and when you want to write.
The Time is ticking away the night, and it's time for bed again. Sigh~ sometimes 24 hours is just barely enough, and sometimes it is more than enough. Oh, I'm just glad that I got a new working laptop to play with. Did anyone said computers are just meant for guys? haha..They are so wrong... :P
Time for bed...zzz

1 comment:

jiawen said...

well... at least i do read ur blogs eveytime i accompany alv to the cc... thx for posing ur blogs as my pass time reading.. ; )

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