Ji Muis 1st gathering - We're Going PINK!

Upcoming event - Ji Muis First Gathering at Cupcake Chic Secret Recipe (The Curve)

* You ladies will have the privilege to preview my wedding albums! See you there ;-)



Note: This post has been updated.


Photo cards

My two sis had helped me to come up with these DIY photo cards. I've personally chosen five of my favourite photos. And the cards are available in a few types of pastel colours.

So you'll be getting your pick pretty soon. Here's a preview ;-)

p.s. Thanks to my two sis!


Our Love Symphony

This is the e-invitation that I designed at www.mypunchbowl.com and sent to our wedding guests. I liked the romantic feel of the card's dark maroon colour and the golden cupid at the bottom. I choosed this photo as I feel the green theme brings out the fairy tale feel, and also because this is our favourite photo!

- Simple thoughts -

I wish,
that my friends will be there to share my joy,
simply because they are my good friends,
who shared the many memories with me.

Each invitation,
is a sincere wish from the heart,a special thought of someone,
simply because that someone means something to me,
not because I mean something to them.

Everyone likes to feel special,
No one likes to be left out.
And someone special should never be left out.

It's that simple.

We sincerely hope that our invited guests will make it to our the wedding banquet. See you there ;)

J & N

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