15. Hotsites #2

Another hotsite to share with all people who love to cook - www.allrecipes.com

Read about this site in The Star newspaper weeks ago. Sounded quite interesting so I d
ecided to check it out.

This site contains many recipes, most of them submitted by readers. Most recipes use common ingredients, and they are comparatively easy to prepare. What I like most is the categories of the recipes. There are lots to choose from. You can browse by types of meat, country flavours, vegetarian, low carb, quick and easy, special holidays, health living etc... (*now this is what I call recipes-for-all, it sure makes all the recipe-search easier!)

If you like the recipe, no fuss copying it. You can choose to email the recipe right into your mailbox or even forward it to your friend who might fancy the recipe.

So if you are looking for some new recipes, here's a site to explore. But the recipes at this site are more suited to the Western taste rather than the Asian palate.

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