Makan-makan: Okonomiyaki @ LowYat Plaza

Location : Okonomiyaki at Low Yat Plaza (next to Mr Teppanyaki)
Rating : 4/5
Food type : Japanese - Okonomiyaki

There's this one stall that sells Okonomiyaki (looks like Japanese style pizza) at the lower ground floor or Low Yat Plaza (the food court level). This stall is just next to Mr Teppanyaki restaurant.

It has a very Japanese-like setup, even the workers are wearing the Japanese clothing. And they even have some Japanese magazine for your browsing pleasure.

The special thing about this place is that they cook on the hot plate. They pour a flour mixture, then put lots of vege, meat slices, shrimps, squids, tuna fish, onions, then wrapped up with egg (just like your nasi pattaya style). Then you can have the sweet sauce or mayonnaise topping. The sweet sauce is a must, as it a specially from Japan, and it blends well with the okonomiyaki. You can even buy it from the stall. If you prefer spicy, you can also add few dashes of chilli powder.

This is the second time I frequented this stall. Give it a try when you drop by Low Yat. Something different and yummy to try out. Thumbs up for this!

If you want to know more about Okonomiyaki, check out at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki

Curry chee cheong fun from the next door stallone of the okonamiyakis we ordered
The okonamiyaki stall we visited
the chefs cooking on the hot plate


Hanoi Highlights : Hanoi City 2

Took taxi to Ba Dinh square, but walked a big round to Ho Chi Minh mausoleum entrance ard 0830hr
1-hour queue to enter HCM mausoleum
Bypass HCM Presidential house (yellow colour) in the surrounding area
Viewed his residence, cars etc.
Visited One Pillar Pagoda, but skipped HCM Museum (mostly b&w photos)
Took taxi to Museum of Ethnology, to see the tribal traditional houses etc for an hour+
After lunch then took taxi to Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) for an hour+
See courtyards, temple structure, statues etc
Dinner at Hanoi Garden Restaurant (rating "so-so")
Watch Water Puppet Show at Thang Lung Theatre at 2000hr (rating "not to be missed")
Hot Lava Stone foot massage (USD12 pp, rating "so-so and expensive")


Shopping for set of handsewn pictures which we saw on 1st day
Shopped for shoes and handbag
Lunch at Little Hanoi (french bar), had sandwiches and tried Halida beer (rating "good")
Shopped again for handsewn pictures
Return hotel for rest and shower
1700hr van pick up to NoiBai airport (45mins)2000hr return flight to LCCT, arrived 0025hr

Ba Dinh Square in front of Ho Chi Minh (HCM) mausoleum
HCM Mausoleum
A HCM street banner
Long queue to enter HCM mausoleum
Residential Palace
HCM's residence
HCM's residenceOne Pillar Pagoda description board
One Pillar PagodaHCM's Museum at the background

Museum of Ethnology
Layout map of museum

a water puppet theatre (foreground), longhouse (background)
front view of longhouse
a grave surrounded by sexual explicit figures
a wooden toy horse & swing
Entrance of Temple of Literature (Van Mieu)The iconic gate of Van Mieu
The water puppets on displayBar counter at Little Hanoi cafe
Halida beer, anyone?
fresh flowers selling at roadside
shoes display in the shopTraffic on Hanoi streets


Hanoi Highlights : Hanoi City 1

Check in Trung Nam Hai Hotel at Pho Duan street)
To Quan An Ngon restaurant for dinner (french mansion, outdoor dining of local viet cuisine) rating "interesting and good"
Walkaround restaurant area (Hanoi Tower etc.)


Stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, visited bridge and temple at lake
Bought Water Puppet Tickets at Dien Thien Hoang street (main street, opp lake), 1st class tix RM10 pp
Walkaround and shop at 36 Pho Huang (old quarters)
Had grilled fish lunch at Cha Ca La Vong restaurant (rating "interesting and good")
Had ice cream & cold drinks treat after walkaround at Thu Thay (beside lake, rating "enjoying")
Stroll around West Lake, visited small temple, saw Sofitel hotel nearby.
Had dinner on a dragon boat at the lakeside (Potomac Restaurant, rating good)
Walked/shopped at weekend night market at Hang Dao until 2300hr, saw street artist drawing upside down
@ Quan an ngon restaurant for dinnerstreet outside hotel
Hotel Trung Nam Hai entrancestreet peddlar
selling ciggarettes at roadside
street in Hanoi, near HoanKiem lake
Bridge at HoanKiem LakeMonument near HoanKiem Lake
Temple entrance at HK lakea pagoda in the temple
at the templetaking a break at the temple
entrance of the Thang Long Water Puppet theatre
Board at TL Water Puppet theatre
Cheap and colourful clog shoes
Handicrafts shop
ornamentsCha Ca La Vong restaurant
food served in CCLV restaurant
the stove with grilled fish on top
how it's mixed and servedbuying Vietnamese coffee
Street that is selling metalwaresenjoying ice cream at HK lakeside cafe
my iced mocha drinkrestaurant on the dragon boat at the West Lake
sideview of the restaurant
temple at the West Lake
pagoda at the templeStreet artist drawing upside down at the night market
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