32. Nissin Space Ram astro noodles

These Japanese really can't do without ramen, they even have to develop this instant ramen noodles for the astro boys out there..but er..wait a sec...are they any Japanese astronauts at the moment?? Well, I don't think those big American guys fancy ramen noodles too much, do they? I bet they like steak and burgers better :P

Check out the astro noodles. It's sure not steaming hot noodle soup for the boys up there!

31. MaKuRAnOSoSHi

4:58pm - Came across this blog MaKuRAnOSoSHi. At least something to read here. Looks like this blogger likes to write poems, that makes it an interesting read. Content wise, mostly about the blogger love relationship and "life philosophies".

30. Thursday's life

Woke up late. Wore casual to work.
Got to get a quotation from the vendor. Wondering why didn't the lady return my call yesterday..dang!
Got lucky this time, she called back and arranged to meet at my office.
First time at this sort of meeting, but it gets easier as it progressed. Not bad.
Back to editing proposals.
Lunch at Segambut Dalam. Totally don't know where I was. New place.
But lunch is ok. Nice "chap fan".
Back to office. Nix called. A new gadget to add to my cd player perhaps.
More proposals editing.
Got a call from my job agent. More job opportunities. Felt excited.
Type, type, type...
Time to go off. K stopped by my desk and started "advising". At the wrong time.
But it was a good conversation. Left office.
Jam as usual on the road. Bro called to pick him up on the way back.
Reached the station. Tried to park, almost hit the road kerb. Damn it!
Wait, wait, wait...20 minutes...where's that silly boy?
Finally bro hopped into the car. Gave him a fine lecture.
Nix called again after my dinner. Told me about his pool games.
Watched Korean serials. Hmm...the show are getting more interesting to watch, probably will follow it through.
Reading through the job descriptions forwarded to me by the agent. Scrutinising the descriptions.
Watched HK movie on tv. What? How many repeats they wanna have for that show?
Anyway, watched it again.
Mind is in a confused state. Analysis needed. Thinking required. Decision to be made.
What the heck. Not a good time to think now. Gotta sleep.


29. Busy Idling

Work has been busy these few weeks. As much as I would like to complain, it is definitely better than my earlier weeks working in CV. Well, at least there are new things to learn and knowledge to gain. My brains are working hard, and my fingers are getting the exercise. 'nuf said, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. And I'm glad things are looking better around here.
My blog entries have been slacking a little lately due to work. But it's always good to have a short break and reenergise myself with more ideas to write here. Don't know how many of you out there that really read my blogs, but it's fun to write and share. It's like writing your own book, but you get some feedback occasionally and there's no restriction on what and when you want to write.
The Time is ticking away the night, and it's time for bed again. Sigh~ sometimes 24 hours is just barely enough, and sometimes it is more than enough. Oh, I'm just glad that I got a new working laptop to play with. Did anyone said computers are just meant for guys? haha..They are so wrong... :P
Time for bed...zzz


28. Balancing Your Wardrobe Yin & Yang

Ever noticed certain colours complement your personality and looks better? I've always think I look better in pink and green dresses. And guess what, I'm almost right! Here's what I came across, coordinating colours of your wardrobe can help balance the yin and yang of a person.
First, you have to discover your Kua number:
Ladies - add the last two digits of your birth year together, then add the total with 5. If you get double-digit figure, add the two numbers to arrive at a single digit.
Example: my birth year is 1979, the calculations are as follows:
            7 + 9 =16
            16 + 5 = 21
             2 + 1 = 3
So, my Kua number is 3.
Guys - subtract 10 from the last 2 digits of your birth year, and arrive at a single digit.
The Chart Guide
Kua Number - Auspicious Colours for Personal Well-Being
1 - Green, reddish brown, black, blue
2 - Yellowish beige, metallic, yellowish saffron
3 - Orangy red, bluish black, geeenish brown
4 - Bluish black, reddish orange, greenish brown
5 - Yellowish beige, metallic white
6 - Metallic, terracotta, white
7 - Metallic white, yellowish beige, terracotta
8 - Beige, white, metallic, brown
9 - Red, orange
So take the opportunity to update your wardrobe with the current mega sales and put a balance to your well-being! I don't know whether this works or not, but I do believe each colour has their own effect on our mood and therefore our well-being. ;-)

27. Cybercriminals lurk on

Came across this article this morning while checking my emails. Since I'm into blogging, it raises my concern to know attackers do use such ways to spread their malicious code. No place in cyberworld is really safe now, the best way to protect our own pc is to update your antivirus protection and do not simply put your trust to any site.
"Cybercriminals are increasingly using blog sites and other free online services to spread malicious code, Websense has

...The free services are an anonymous and affordable way for attackers to store and spread their malicious code. In April, Websense reported that blogging services were being targeted by cybercriminals. The company is now warning that other services that offer free Web space--for example, photo album sites, fan sites or greeting card sites--are also being exploited.

The attackers typically lure people to the malicious sites by sending enticing e-mails and instant messages. When a victim clicks on a link, the computer becomes infected. In one case, a greeting card was displayed and a tune played in the background while spyware was being installed on the compromised PC, Websense said.  ... (read more...)"



26. Lunch Hour Bus Blasts at London Subways

LONDON - Another blast attack happened again at lunch hour. Police in London have arrested two men in connection with four attacks on three subway trains and a double-decker bus on Thursday, a scene hauntingly similar to deadly explosions set off by four suicide bombers exactly two weeks before. It was an inescapable message that life in London now means living with the threat of terror.

Fortunately, the explosive devices were either faulty or too small to cause bloodshed, and the only reported injury turned out to be an asthma attack. But the blasts still rattled the city as London citizens are still edgy after the July 7 explosions, which killed 52 people and four suicide bombers.

Authorities said it was too early to determine whether the attacks were carried out by the same organization as the July 7 blasts — or whether they were linked to al-Qaida.

But NBC News reported that British authorities told their U.S. counterparts that backpacks and explosives used Thursday were identical to those in the July 7 attacks. And the British Broadcasting Corp. reported "speculation" that the devices were so similar they may even have been part of the same batch. (*read more of the blasts )


I wonder what were racing through the minds of these bombers, which lead them to cause harm to the public. This is just insane. Hatred among religions and jealous of other nations' wealth and growth or any other absurd ideas do not justify killing those innocent people. What good would it bring by these deaths and those damages done? More money will need to be poured in to clear up the mess and for the reconstruction work. And it definitely wouldn't gain anymore sympathy from anyone at all. The act is just plain absurd, it will not and never will justify no matter how many good deeds they have done. They should just be sent to Hell and let the devils do the justice to all mankind.


25. Jeans 101

Find the perfect fit for different styles and cuts of jeans

Did you ever wonder how jeans came about? Here's what I found out...

"Jeans were discovered in the 18th century, when plantation workers in America needed a strong and very resilient material for their work clothes. Made completely from cotton, jeans then were dyed with indigo which made the jean cloth a dark blue colour. Jeans later become popular in the 1930s with Western cowboys and grew to become high fashion clothing in the 80s up till now with the emergence of different cuts and styles."

Well, I guess that's the reason why we all love jeans so much and it has always been all-time favourite. And here're some handy tips for buying jeans (*this really helps me in choosing, I thought I should share them with you guys)...

1. Rise
The rise of the jeans is the length between the waist and crotch. The types of rise are usually determined for the occasion that the jeans are worn. A high rise cut is suitable for a smart casual affair while a low rise cut is suited for an informal day or night out.

2. Knee
Choosing a tapered, full or straight cut depends on the size of your thighs. The best way to see how jeans are cut in the knee is by laying the pant flat and checking to see how the leg is shaped. For taller than average people, a tapered knee cut is recommended, while for the petite, a full cut is advised. A straight cut usually goes well with any height or body shape.

3. Bottoms
Straight, full, boot and bell are four primary cuts of jeans. The straight cut is the industry standard while a full cut can be identified by the large amount of material gathered where the pants meet the shoe. A boot cut will slightly flare out and fit nicely around the top of the shoe or boat, while the bell-bottom, inspired by the 70s is the most daring cut and suitable for the trendy.

So now you the basics of jeans, remember these tips when you shop for your next pair of jeans. I wonder what should I buy for my next pair of jeans....hmm...


24. I'm the queen of my kingdom!

Heard a funny happening over the Hitz.fm this morning. Apparently there's a guy in Australia who has 24 acres of land. He wants to proclaim it as a new entity, naming it Principality of Panderosa. How ridiculous that is! The owner was also quoted that people who need to enter the principality would require a passport, and he's refusing to pay the government taxes. And this was making the government mad as the tax revenue from him was a significant amount. My, my...there are weird people everywhere and weirder stories all around the world.
So these 2 DJs, Rudy and JJ were asking callers what would they name their country if they have one. The DJs came up with "Albakistan", as you can see, the name is clearly dedicated to Jessica Alba. Well, I could think of one name for my country at the moment - "Kingdom of Jo"! Haha... You have any fabulous idea for a country's name?


23. Things that couples do - Part 3

Nix just bought a book on playing pool and he was talking about it for the past one week. He kept on "harassing" me about his pool games after work with his colleagues, and how he has read the techniques in the book and was so eager to practise and try them out. So he suggested that both of us go to his Games Room at his office last weekend, and I thought "great!"......
Last Saturday, I took the train down to Bangi to meet up with him. Then we drove to his office at Cyberjaya. Well, it was a nice introduction to the place for me as I've never venture into that area before. We passed by many big companies buildings along the way, all looking more like country resorts than a workplace. Finally, after about 20 minutes' drive, we reached the place.
First, I must say the office does look great. Secondly, the games facilities provided are definitely adequate enough for me! There were pool tables, caroms table, dart boards, ping-pong tables, and foosball too. Enough of those...both of us started playing pool. First, we practised some straight shots, then Nix taught me how to correctly shoot the ball and how to aim. Wow, with a few valuable tips, my game did improve alot that day! And I enjoyed better when playing as my shots were more accurate. Eventhough I'm not good enough to beat Nix, but I must say I gave him a run for victory...hehehe :P
Before we left, we had a game of foosball. This is more exciting than pool, we were (*or rather, just me, hehe) shouting and jumping, while turning the "skewers" (*what do you call those things anyway?). What a tiring game, but it was full of fun!
After taking a shower to freshen up, we decided to relax and catch the latest movie - Fantastic Four! Well, I would like to write more here, but that's another story for another time...


22. Finger's length tells about you

Here's an easy way to tell your strengths and weaknesses. Just take a look at your last finger. However, I do not know how true this is though :P Try it for yourself!


21. There's a giraffe on my desk!

Just after a mamak lunch...so full..
playing with my phone camera, have a look at my office desk. The malay gal is my neighbour, Nurul.

This is the right side of the desk (*it's L-shaped). Oh, the toy giraffe is my colleague's, just "babysitting" it while she's not around :P


20. Sudoku Addiction

Sudoku - it's nothing new, but seems like it just caught on in Malaysia. Read the following excerpt:

"You would imagine that with such a name this puzzle originated in Japan, but it has been around for many years in the UK. However, the Japanese found an example under the title 'Number Place' in an American magazine and translated it as something quite different: su meaning number;doku which translates as single or bachelor. It immediately caught on in Japan, number puzzles are much more prevalent than word puzzles. Crosswords don't work well in the Japanese language.

The sudoku puzzle reached craze status in Japan in 2004 and the craze spread to the UK through the puzzle pages of national newspapers. The Daily Telegraph uses the name Sudoku, but you may see it called su doku elsewhere. However, there is no doubt that the word has been adopted into modern parlance,much like 'crossword'.

Sudoku is not a mathematical or arithmetical puzzle. It works just as well if the numbers are substituted with letters or some other symbols,but numbers work best."

Here's a website I found for sudoku fun! http://www.sudoku.com.au You can even play it online here and choose the level of difficulty. There are new puzzles everyday too.


19. Rebirth of Comesur!

An idea came to me today.
Why not create a blog for my ex-classmates?

So that's how http://comesur.blogspot.com came to live. It's a blog created to connect all of us who have studied at Stamford RSE/Ampang. It has been ages since our earlier e-Circles days, that we used to have crappy discussions online.

It feels great to get connected. Now I just hope these people start to visit it and give life to the blog.

18. SantaGram

Ho ho ho!... It's not X'mas yet, but I just found this lovely idea from this site www.santagram.co.uk

Just to keep the X'mas spirit alive, believing in Santa has never been more fun! Remember back then, some of us used to believe Santa is alive, and writting X'mas wish list to him, hoping you're listed in Santa's good book? Well, there's a better way to keep the tradition going at this site...

You can choose to send a personalised message in a nice Santa postcard, supposedly from Santa himself, to your children, nieces, nephews etc. Eventhough the target age group are meant to be children, but they have been occasions where SantaGram has been sent to Children as old as 102! Or even a 54-year-old CEO of a company!

This is how it works...the sender has to provide some personal details of the recipient, which makes the letter a little more interesting and personal to the recipient. Plus every SantaGram comes with a free gift. Each letter will be written in a personalised text font to give the impression that Santa himself has personally written it. The letter will be a treasure to keep.

This is surely a way to capture the magic of X'mas, I wonder when will Pos Malaysia come up with this charming idea.

17. The Perfect Couple

Got this from my mail, just a good laugh after lunch... =D

Once upon a time, a perfect man and a perfect woman met. After a perfect
courtship, they had a perfect wedding. Their life together was, of course,

One snowy, stormy Christmas Eve, this perfect couple was driving their
perfect car along a winding road, when they noticed someone at the side of
the road in distress.

Being the perfect couple, they stopped to help.

There stood Santa Claus with a huge bundle of toys. Not wanting to
disappoint any children on the eve of Christmas, the perfect couple loaded
Santa and his toys into their vehicle.

Soon they were driving along delivering the toys. Unfortunately, the
conditions deteriorated and the perfect couple; and Santa Claus had an

Only one of them survived the accident.

Question: Who was the survivor?


The perfect woman survived. She's the only one who really existed in the
first place. Everyone knows there is no Santa Claus and there is no such
thing as a perfect man!

**** Women stop reading here, that is the end of the joke.

**** Men keep scrolling.

So, if there is no perfect man and no Santa Claus, the woman must have been

driving. This explains why there was a car accident.

**** Men Keep scrolling

By the way, if you're a woman and you're still reading, this
illustrates another point: Women never listen!


16. Gold Class date with Cruise

Nix and I were totally excited about catching a movie at the GSC Gold Class cinema in Mid Valley! Last week when Nix told me about the surprise treat, I was taken aback at first before the effect sank in. And to top it off, it was watching my favourite actor, Tom Cruise acting in the movie "War of The Worlds"! I guess I have Matt & Tini to thank for this treat.

Suddenly, both of us were like little kids, not really knowing where to go, what to expect when we arrived at the Gold Class lounge. It was unlike our numerous visits to the cinema, where we knew where we going and what we were supposed to do. The lounge was like a hotel lounge area, with comfy yellow couch and soft pillow, and also some tv programs to entertain you while you wait for the show to start. We said hello to Matt & Tini who were already there, and proceeded to order our drinks from the bar. I was told that those drinks will be delivered to your seats before the show starts.

After waiting for a few minutes, we were then chauffeured to the cinema. No crowded seats, only big comfy seats for your pleasure. We got our seats and tried to adjust the seats for the best positions, aaah~....it felt just like lying on your own bed. It reminded me of those "Ogawa" massage chairs...hahaha. Oh, if you feel a little cold, blankets are available for rent too.

The show was great, of course! And I enjoyed the experience of watching it without the usual crowd, the occasional "forgot-to-silent-my-phone" ringtones, or having any big-heads blocking my view. I could just enjoy the movie without disturbance. It was totally awesome! I would definitely give it another try when I'm just feeling "rich" to splurge a little :P

The only drawback is the seats were a little too far apart. (*we couldn't have our small talk in between scenes and also I missed Nix's shoulder to cuddle on :P )

15. Hotsites #2

Another hotsite to share with all people who love to cook - www.allrecipes.com

Read about this site in The Star newspaper weeks ago. Sounded quite interesting so I d
ecided to check it out.

This site contains many recipes, most of them submitted by readers. Most recipes use common ingredients, and they are comparatively easy to prepare. What I like most is the categories of the recipes. There are lots to choose from. You can browse by types of meat, country flavours, vegetarian, low carb, quick and easy, special holidays, health living etc... (*now this is what I call recipes-for-all, it sure makes all the recipe-search easier!)

If you like the recipe, no fuss copying it. You can choose to email the recipe right into your mailbox or even forward it to your friend who might fancy the recipe.

So if you are looking for some new recipes, here's a site to explore. But the recipes at this site are more suited to the Western taste rather than the Asian palate.


14. Hotsites #1

ThirdAge - what does it mean by that? I have not a single clue and I'm yet to find out.

Anyway, I came across this interesting site (www.thirdage.com) today while I was surfing. I can't say that this site has comprehensive information, but it is good source for ladies. I found the career tips helpful, and the relationship column an interesting read, and the health section is a informative. There are also some quizzes which offers to reveal more about your personality.

And also there's a online learning section, nothing on the heavy side. Just some simple stuff to learn about when you have time to spare. You can even get a study buddy to learn along with you! But again, I've yet to explore that. Another column which interest me is the Financial section. It has tips on how to manage your finances.

Overall, this site is worth exploring. Got any similar sites to share? I'm interested to explore. ;-)


13. Things that couples do - Part 2

So here you are reading the 2nd part of this series... Haha... the 1st part didn't work out for you huh? Ok, read on...

Part 2
Are you an animal lover? Do you have pets? If so, this might be for you.
I am not a big lover of dogs and cats, but if you read my previous blogs, you can guess what's my pet. For those who has no clue, I've my neon tetras as my pet. Recently, I've added little koi fish to my collection. I do remember reading somewhere in those health mags that advocate rearing pets as a companion because they bring joy to the owner, which also helps promote longer life in older people. Amazing ain't it?

Nix has an arowana, which he nicknamed it as "Ah Long Gor" (*literally means Ah Long big brother"). As much as I would like to name my fishes, I just can't differentiate them as they all look totally similar to me. And it totally makes no sense in naming them because they can't understand you when the name is called!

As both of us like fish, popping in to the pet or fish shops are one those things which we like to do. We would be busy admiring the colourful fishes, discussing which would make a good showpiece, and which would be nice to be added to collection. Most of the time, we would be window-shopping, never really bought anything from those shops, except on occasional trips to get new fish for my aquarium (*usually when the numbers are dwindling in my aquarium :P).

Even if you don't fancy fishy pets, there're many more kinds of animals to be adopted as pets. The furry animals are fun to watch, they are so cute and adorable. I love watching the hamsters in those shops, they would be busy running around like no people's business, or they could be stacked up together in one corner, shivering themselves while snoozing. Ooh....they are just so cute!

ou might be wondering and asking me does anything good come out of this for the couple? I don't know about you, but I'm sure it does for me. It's a common love that Nix and I share, and we are on the same wavelength when we talk about pets. And we get equally excited when get new fishes, and laughing when we think of some crazy ideas about pets. Well, when you run out of topic between the two of you, pets is an interesting topic and it helps to bond your relationship.

Hey, haven't you came across the old story of pets as matchmakers in boy-meets-girl senario? Maybe it's time to head for the pet shop for you...

12. Silent Thoughts

I'm confused and lost. Lost my focus. Right now, I'm not sure the choice I made was the right one. Maybe I should have stayed longer and waited. The stars have indicated earlier, but I was not superstitious enough to believe it. I can't afford to regret now. No, not at this moment yet.

I came with passion and motivation, visualing what I wanted and hoped it would be. But all don't seem to be that when you are already in it. It took lots of patience and determination to be where I want to be today. I had my sets of beliefs and targets. I tried my best to plan and decide which was the best course. I did not decide this in haste, but yet, why do I hesitate at this moment?

I have no one to blame except for my own. Me and my ego and stubborness. I have never like admitting defeat on my own decisions. I have always shoulder on to prove my decision was right, and try to work things out my way. But why do I lack the strength now? Where's my faith when I need it most?

I got to remember my reasons for choosing this. My goals, my dreams, my beliefs. I just need more patience and stronger will, and not losing focus why I am where I am, doing what I'm doing. I will look back at my plans and have alternative plans. But anyhow I will hang on till I get my results. It's going to test my determination and patience again. I pray to god that I'm given this strength to carry on, and I'm thankful I have the support that I need.

Life's full of challenges. I hope I tide over this challenge and become a stronger and better person. God has His own way of guiding His beloved subjects. Tomorrow's another new day. Things will get better, it has to be. There's always hope. That's what keep us going.


11. "Fish-warming" party

Lost one of my dear tetra fish last Friday. Had made a mental note to find more companions for the remaining one last weekend. So Nix and I headed to a fish shop last Sunday afternoon to get some.

Had never noticed the shop before though I guess it must have been operating quite some time. This shop has more variety of fish and boy, was I glad to see more tetras swimming in one of the tanks. Spent a while looking at the different fishes in the shop, pointing here and there while admiring the colour and beauty of the them, and laughing ourselves silly over the funny antics of the fishes.

Finally I got six tetras ( *one came free when I got five of them ), and RM1 of fifteen small cute koi fish ( *there were seventeen of them when I counted them, probably it's the shop owner bonus for me :P ). Both of us were excited to bring them home and release them into the aquarium.

Mom and grandma were equally excited to see the new fishes, giving advices now and then, and busy checking on the fish if they were still alive and swimming. The tetras seemed to be quite fine, zipping across the little aquarium exploring their new home. But the koi were way too shy, peeking and hiding beneath the water plants whenever I go near, only popping out when no one's near.

The red and orange colours of the koi swimming gleefully among the green water plants makes it a amusing and engrossing watch. And I'm actually stealing a glance or two at those little cute fishes while blogging this. See if you can spot the koi among the water plants in these pictures!
Anyone fancy fish for a pet? ;-)


10. The day the fish left me

sob..sob... what a way to start my Friday.

Was getting ready to walk out of my house this morning to get to work, and suddenly I just have the notion of taking a look at my 2 little fish...but I saw only one. I tried hard to search for its mate, thinking it would be hiding among the small rocks. But it was nowhere in hiding. My greatest fear was about to be realised...

I saw the little body floating upside down in one corner of the aquarium. Poor poor thing...it looked so pale. Those two little blue neon tetra fish were my favourites. They had survived quite long in my aquarium, swimming blissfully everyday, hiding among the leaves sometimes, or swimming to and fro aimlessly. They have given me much pleasure just to look at and care for them.

Maybe it's just time to go for the little tetra. It has served its purpose by bringing some joy to me and people in my life. And it's time to move on...
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