The birthday before the big "three-O"

Another birthday, another year...
the one before the big "three-O" .

No surprises, nothing fancy.
Simple dinner with mom and sis, ordered our favourite food - udang masak petai, sotong masak merah, kailan masak ikan masin (i'm salivating as i write this haha), and ais kacang for dessert.

I like the cake. It appears good on pictures. Matches my apple-green finger nail polish :P

Plus One Shabu Shabu @ Imbi

I haven't been blogging about food for a long time. I thought I should blog about this place - Plus One Shabu Shabu.

As the name implies, it's all about shabu shabu (steamboat) - Hong Kong style. Personally, I don't know what's so hongkie about it. The ingredients looks kinda same to me. Looks like the selling point about the food is the soup. Well, I guess that's something hongkie.

To start with, you get to order your own small pot of shabu shabu with the soup of your choice. Otherwise you can also order one big pot and share with your food buddies. There are many choices to choose from eg. Pepper Pork & Salty Veg soup, Chinese Herbal soup, Tom Yam, Miso, Shark's bone soup etc. Then you order the raw ingredients for your own "cooking".

There's also a counter which you could pick the sauces to go with your food e.g chillies, garlic, chives, thai sweet sour sauce...just to name a few.

I think the "personal pot" thingy is more hygienic plus you get to choose your own soup base. The place is air-conditioned with nice ambience. The price is mid range, parking is also convenient. You can just park at the parking lot beside the restaurant.

There currently have 2 outlets:
KL (beside Imbi Palace Restaurant)
No. 20-22, Jalan Barat Off Jln Imbi.

Another one at:
Petaling Jaya
Lot F 337-338, Rain Forest,
1st Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (new Wing).

So if you feel like "shabu-shabu-ing", give it a try :)


My W photos (preview)

Here's a preview of the wedding photos of yours truly...

"Proposing"at the train station

Intimate moment in the "woods"

HK's neon lights backdrop


My custom made shoes are here!

Tadaa!!! This is the pink shoes I ordered from HK. I love the heels! I had to fork out extra to have that gold stainless steel heels haha... well, it's reusable. The shop assistant told me that if the shoes have worn out, you can bring the heels back to the shop for another new pair of shoes. How cool is that! Well, not that I'll return to HK for another pair soon. haha..

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