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Microsoft has just launched the new Xbox 360 on Tuesday (22-Nov). I'm not totally excited about it, because I was never an Xbox enthusiast anyway. But the new Xbox looks sleek and cool, though it still maintained the big power button design!

From the review I read in Times Magazine, the "faceplate" is interchangeable with different colour designs that comes in Hotrod (blue), Silver, Woody. Anyway, I don't think it's launched yet in Malaysia, the nearest you can get is in Tokyo (Dec 10). But I guess you can order online.

As usual, this Xbox boasts the improved graphics, speed, control and some other cool features, and load of new games to get your hands on. But one cool thing about this Xbox 360 is that you can have wireless connection to it (via the wireless controller). So you don't have to mess with the tangled wires. Of course setting up the whole wireless thingy may be a bit troublesome for newbies.

The Xbox 360 experience comes in two types, depending on your budget and needs. (just in case you guys planning to get one).

1. Xbox 360 (prices start at USD$399.99)
"If you're a serious gamer looking for the ultimate console, the search ends here. Xbox 360 is fully loaded. It's the unsurpassed gaming and entertainment experience right out of the box delivering the Ultimate gaming and entertainment experience for the best value."

This package comes with the console (with premium chrome finish), hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox live headset, component HD AV cable, ethernet cable.

2. Xbox 360 Core System (prices start at USD$299.99)
"Xbox 360 Core System delivers the same powerful gaming as Xbox 360 but starts with the basics and lets you expand at your own pace. It’s everything you need to hit the ground running. Plug in the console and the controller and you're playing. Then decide what extras you add—it's expandable to the full Xbox 360 experience."

This package comes with the console, wired controller, composite AV cable.

To determine which one is the right one for you, here's a guide.

Probably if any of you are kind enough to get me an Xbox 360, I might convert into an Xbox fan instead of venturing into PS2! *evil grin.

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AquaMax said...

Looks like alot ppl will turn to xbox360.... but ps2 got so many ahem games............

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