I'm a fruity-fragrance type

This test was sent by mclady. Guess what, I'm the fruity-fragrance type. hmm..Don't know how true is this? You guys know me better la...so tell me what you think...hehehe

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firethorn said...

This came from nix...

"You radiate independence and happiness - happy that's for sure....but not too sure about independent...can be quite dependent when the BF is around
always immersed in fun-seeking activities - yes
like an innocent child - innocent??? puhhhleaaasseee....don't be deceived by this XMY punya innocent look! She's a wolf in disguise.
You always manage to bring life into the party, thus you are indispensable to parties - OMG! Have you been partying without me???
Although you are cheerful, well-liked by most - true
, others think that it is difficult to be good friends with you, because the impression that you give is one of a comedian. - picked up from the BF probably
Some thinks that you like to make a fool of others - true in some sense
and are dependent on others - again......see..i told you that you're dependent rite?
But, you are actually mature and firm. - Yeap......can be very firm at times! :X
There are few that truly understands you, leaving you with few bosom buddies. - yes"

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