Car makeover

I've been doing lots of spending last weekend. Ok, probably not that much, but still it burnt a hole in my pocket.
Since my car break-in, I had to get the things fixed. It was eyesore to see the sad state everything I sit in my car.

So after a thosai late breakfast last Saturday, Nix and I went to fixed my broken tyre rim caps. I've put if off a long time since it was broken early this year :P I picked a very shiny design (*which made my car looks so "ah-beng") and got them replaced. Then I add on the tint for the car front windshield. Oh, it's not the whole tint thing, just a strip across. It's nothing too fancy, but still it was a 2-tone tint strip, black-silver. Looks cool, but again, I feel it's the ah-beng-o-meter just shot up another few points!

Then I had to get the plastic thingy which cover your dashboard etc. (Don't know what you call it anyway) replaced. Whoa..Didn't know the thing doesn't come cheap. So in the end, I took the cheapest option, and it is a black panel instead of the "wooden-panel" look. And I got myself a cup holder because there was one section of the panel that need to replaced, and the original panel was costlier than the cup holder. Another RM18 gone. These car accessories dealer sure know how to make money.

All done, and we headed to another shop to shop for my new mp3 player. Saw a model with the USB port, Freeway (cheapest price RM360 incl. Installation). It was so tempting to get the model. Imagine it would be so cool to just stuck you USB thumb drive in the player and there you have your mp3s.

But after more thinking, the USB port is just a luxury rather than a necessity. Furthermore, the brand wasn't something I would like to invest my money in. So in the end, I got myself a Sony mp3 player. And you know what? It was the same model as Nix's old one. OMG! After all that I've done to the car, the car does look a bit like his old Wira. So now my own Wira Aeroback looks like a half-ah-beng's car (or probably "ah-lian's car").

Anyway, the point is, I'm now broke for this month. But, I'm happy my car looks better eventhough it has the ah beng's tyre rim caps. :P

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cYruS said...

really really really shocked when noticing dat ur car kena break into recently...

Its been abt 2 week havnt visited ur site....so when saw ur post regarding ur car kena break in2....kinda terperanjat...sumhow can imagine how da scene and ur expression when found out what happened 2 ur car dat morning....

Hope everything's fixed up now....well....old 1 dont go...new 1 dont come....

till laters.....ciao

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