Caring For Contact Lenses

"The first contact lenses were fitted in the late 1880’s, which is over 100 years ago. Since then people of all ages, having different types of vision problems have made the decision to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, largely due to the many advantages of contact lenses.

Contact lenses can be divided into 2 main types - soft and rigid gas permeable. The types of contact lenses available are made of different materials and they each require specific care. Although contact lenses have many advantages over glasses, they do require more care. An important consideration when selecting the type of contact lens is how much time you are willing to devote to their care. You could risk an eye infection as a result of lack of attention to lens hygiene. However, with proper care and use, the chances of developing eye problems can be minimized if not eliminated."

Do you think since you are wearing contact lenses, you know everything about caring for them?
Since most of us nowadays wear contact lenses, I find these few articles informative.

Where The Contact Lens Fits In
Know Your Cleansing Regime
Caring For Your Contact Lenses
Cosmetics And Contact Lenses

I'm thankful that humans invented contact lens, it must be one of the greatest invention for humankind! And now they even come up with coloured lenses that look so cool! Hmm...maybe I would try them someday, a green-eyed monster? a honey-hazel-eyed sweetie? or purple-eyed seductress? haha...

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