Somebody broke into my car!

The day started as usual, waking up to a sunny day, getting ready for work...The realisation didn't set in until few seconds later after I took in the crime scene when I opened my car door...OMG! Somebody has broken into my car!

Fragments of plastics were strewned across the car seats, with wires sticking out where my cd player used to be. With further inspection, i realised my coins and sunglasses were gone too. I quickly called for dad who was sitting in the living room and told him what happened. Dad and I scrutinised the damage and what was lost, and I took a few snapshots of the "crime scene".

Fortunately, the car was still "drivable" and all was quite fine. No time to cry over spilt milk, I drove to work as usual, minus the usual sound of radio accompanying me to work. I was like a zombie while I drove, my mind still unsettled over what happened, and silently cursing the thieves. Then I opened my car front compartment, and then only realised my two cd albums were gone too! Well, what the heck, most of them were pirated cds anyway. The great loss were 2 cds which were my personal favourites as they hold special meaning to me.

Well, I guess the bright side of the whole situation is I now have a valid reason to get a new MP3 player...hahaha...

* snapshots of crime scene to be added later.

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