Fear Factor Round 1

15-Nov  My mind was wandering, feeling a anxious and a little worried.
6:57pm - Got a call from Nix. Was driving, so I told him I'd call back when I reached home.
7:24pm - Called him back but he didn't pick up the phone. Tried two more times. No luck.
7:29pm - His name flashing on my mobile screen. My mind is racing...
*crap talk...but didn't dare to raise the question yet..
"I passed the stunt.."
*speechless...waiting for the next sentence to come..
"I passed the stunt! So I get to go the next round."
*still don't know what to say..
"Ok.. so what was the stunt?"
....*stunt talk...
"Come over here and we can meet up for a drink."
"Ha? but I just got back from work and haven't had my dinner yet...call you later la.."
"You just come over la.."
"Okla...see how later"
8:20pm - On my way to Sunway to meet Nix.
9:00pm - In the Sunway Pyramid bowling alley, meeting the group of Fear Factor contestants. OMG, can't believe I'm with these guys! I'm not even contesting, but their incessant talking about the stunts and the fun they had made me felt like I was part of the fun. And I was playing bowling with these guys! Wow...I think it's such a pleaure to meet these guys.
I am just so thrilled that Nix got through the first round of his Fear Factor challenge in his group. And he had the best score among the guys. A guy and a gal got eliminated. That left 4 of them, 2 guys, 2 gals. And tomorrow is the second round.
Oh, forgot about the stunt pulak..So the stunt goes something like this, which was at the Putrajaya Fire Station...Each of them has to climb stairs up to 8 stories high (the tower), then they are being strapped with safety ropes, and were told to lie down on a table, then slowly they were held up upside down to the edge of the tower...and they are required to do a flying fox act (*upside down, mind you) while dropping a sand bag at the bull's eye somewhere down there while "flying" across the building.
Imagine how the scenery would be looking everything upside down from an 8-story high point, and all the wind blowing on your face...it must have been damn scary! I'm all praises for these contestants. Whoa...I wonder will I chicken out if I were there.
I'm just so happy that Nix made it! =D Don't forget to catch him on NTV7 FF show. Don't know when is it going to show yet, but stay tuned to my blog for more updates! Hehe.. :P

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