Anger Management

All was happy and nice when I walked into the office, with the exception of my colleague who sit beside me. She always have the look of a grumpy person, more so now since she's working in my project team. Probably because of the work load and stress she gets from my project. And I don't know why I've never wished her a good morning whenever I come into the office, it's like there's a "No Disturb" sign on her face. Call me rude, but I'm not going to budge into someone like that.
Just few minutes into reading my emails, and I heard her grumbling. I'm quite used to her ways anyway, since she sits beside me. But the mere mentioning on my other team member alerted me straight away that trouble's brewing! Sure enough, my other team member had accidentally deleted files while tinkering with the website that she's has been developing. And she kept complaining, over and over again. Anyway, lucky enough for my team member, that this lady didn't blow her head off. Though grumbling in low voices, I could see she would find a way to recover the lost files. And the skies are blue again... =)
Sometimes it ain't worth the trouble getting all heated up because of other people's mistakes. It's sure hard to keep your anger from steaming, but think again, why do you need to be angry for other people's mistakes? Next time you feel angry, remember to relax, take a deep breath, understand that all humans make mistakes. Anger will not help to solve problems, a clear and calm mind is the way to see through the mess. And nobody gets hurt.

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