A comedian and a politician in the local scene

Adflin Shauki, the local comedian, was on Hitz.fm this morning. He talked about some RM4 production thingy and his blogsite. I wasn't interested in the production thing though, but I caught his blogsite - http://afdlinshauki.blogspot.com And I just visited the blog. This guy is really funny with his language and his style of writing. Eventhough I don't understand some of the slangs he used, but it's a fun to read. Mostly about local production and entertainment scene. I do hope you heard this name or seen his face on TV before.

Then from his site, I clicked on http://www.malaysiatopblogs.com Was wondering what are the top blogs in Malaysia. Guess what? I found that our opposition leader, Lim Kit Siang, his blog was on the top of the list. I didn't know our local politicians have blogs too! :P Curious to find out, I visited the site too. Seems like a good way to interact with the "grassroot people". Plus you get his email address should you want to discuss more discreetly. His site are mainly discussions and opinions on local politic scene though. Don't think many of you would be quite interested. Oh, and by the way, just a reminder that he's representing the opposition side (DAP), not the BN. In case you "terlupa" or asking "siapa orang tu? very famous one meh?" :P

Ok...I'm going to register in malaysia top blogs. And see if I get any increased traffic to my blog and if one day my blog become famous, like the Singaporean blogger Xia Xue (http://xiaxue.blogspot.com), hahaha...then I'll get products endorsement deals, sponsorship, or even get invited to some cool parties...muahaha (*daydreaming). And you would be glad that you were the first few who supported my blog from the very beginning. And claim some "glory" in being my loyal readers...kakakaka...=D Oh, don't forget to vote for my blog later ya..(no, not the pangkah type of vote la..just click-click here, click-click there kind of vote...) terima kasih manyak-manyak ya... =P


firethorn said...

aiya...terlupa pulak Lim Kit Siang punya blogsite. Here's the URL:

AquaMax said...

i think you also forgot about the 'VOTE ME' link.
Can't help you lah...

firethorn said...

forgot to tell you all where to vote pulak...neh..see the side bar on the right. There's one icon "Malaysia TOPblogs". Click on that to vote for me =P

*haha...i'm so "hao lian"

AquaMax said...

i tot "hao lian" is ur middle name?

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