Fear Factor Round 2 and 3

Round 2
Today was the 2nd round with 4 contestants left. 2 guys and 2 gals. The challenge for this round was to eat yucky stuff. And guess what the stuff was? You would never have guessed it. Drink a shot of goat's eyes juice. From Nix's description, it sounded something like this:
1. No hands allowed. Use your mouth to pick an eye from a bowl of raw goat's eyes.
2. Bite it to puncture it and squeeze the dark black juice out into the glass provided.
3. Repeat the steps until the glass is full.
4. Finish the glass contents.

Gross! That was totally awful. According to Nix, the eyes were hard to puncture, and it had a layer of fat, plus it definitely smell of goat! Furthermore, probably to add some pressure and guilt to the contestants, a few live goats were put beside the contestants. Staring at you while you do the act. However, Nix managed to get the best time for this round - approx 2 minutes.

Result: Passed on to the final round. 2 gals got eliminated. It's going to be a guy-to-guy game.

Round 3 (final)
Some action stuff for the final challenge. Location was somewhere in an abandoned warehouse in Port Klang. Two Proton Sagas. Explosions. Have an idea what the stunt is?

Contestants are supposed to drive the car up to the ramp as fast as they could, the explosives will go off, and the car which land the furthest distance will walk away with RM10,000.

Luck was not on Nix's side this time around. His car landed head first and turned turtle. If fell short of the other contestant's distance. Fortunately, no broken bones, no burns. Both of them survived the crash and burn (explosives, remember?). Sad to say, Nix didn't get the money. But to me, he's still a winner as he has proven himself quite well through all 3 rounds.

Result: RM 0.00 + freebies from sponsors + memories to share.

We are now eagerly waiting to catch his episode on NTV7. Make sure you catch it too every Friday 8:30pm! =D
Thanks for tuning in to the FF channel, click here to read Round 1. And thank you to our friends for your support and interests. =)

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rin-en said...

what the...??? raw goat's what??!!goats standing around for wha..omg!!*horrors*

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