Funny Gadget - VibraExciter

Spotted this cute little gadget on CNET website, but its function seemed to be a little cheeky. And yes, a Bluetooth version would be better:P

Talk about your phone sex. The next time you give your pal a friendly buzz on your mobile, it might just be that. All thanks to UK manufacturer VibraFun's tongue-firmly-in-cheek VibraExciter, an add-on that is activated by SMS messages and calls. To maximize enjoyment, VibraFun suggests placing the attached vibrating bullet "on your chose organmic spot" (sic). Though given the less-than-discreet wired connection, a Bluetooth version perhaps the next round?

Get up close and personal by clicking here

Price: 39.99 pounds (US$76.40)
Availability: VibraFun Products
Device: Novelty phone
Basic specs: 1.5 x 0.5 inches, plastic, sold separately, 2 x AAA batteries


rin-en said...

quirky piece of device..what's the rod thingy doing, attached to the phone? don't tell me that's the vibrator...omg

AquaMax said...

and jo is asking for a bluetooth version.
I wonder how u going to take it out once putting it in......hmmm.....

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