Deeparaya journal

After a week long of holidays, it was getting a little hard to get into the working mood early this week. I was still sort of in dazed in holiday mood, and thinking all the good times I had spent with my family and Nix. It was surely a welcomed break for me after a hectic work week before that. Maybe that's called the post holidays blues...hahaha..

31/10 Mon - took leave and spend the whole day at home, reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It was truly exhilarating reading the book, as I "ventured" through the Vatican city, unveiling secret lair and devious plots. Finally finished the book by end of the day. Felt I had accomplished something :P

1/11 Tues - Went for movie - Doom. Personally, I think it was a lame movie. But I guess it would appeal more to the game's fans with all the shootings scenes.

2/11 Wed - well...back to office for a day. Found out someone broke into my car when I got into my car =( Caught up with my emails and some work. Glad to know that my client has finally signed off the document, and that marked an end the initial phase. Phew!! =D

3/11 Thurs - Went to Planet Hollywood with Nix for a night's out with his colleagues. Played pool, sarcastic jokes, dranks lots of beer...then went Finnegan's ...more alcohol (cider)...then walked to Beach Club for clubbing..more alcohol...and dance...and went back home feeling a little tipsy. ('',)

4/11 Fri - Was not in my usual self for the day...probably the effects of too much alcohol last nite..Had steamboat dinner with family at Sri Petaling...yup..yumyum..then watched anime cartoon (Hanada Inchiro) with Nix.

5/11 Sat - joined Nix for pool and work out at his office's gym, had pizza at Mines and bought myself 3 pairs of shoes! (can't believe it, like what my colleague said to me today - "just typical of a woman" :P) then shopped for a birthday present for Nix's mom. Ended up trying on the Ogawa massage machines, and burnt a big hole in Nix's pocket..hahaha...oh, and a big smile on auntie's face =D

6/11 Sun - last day of holidays, sigh~.... house cleaning in the morning. Joined Nix's family for dinner at Tanjung Sepat. Stopover at Bagan Lalang on the way to buy fresh seafood. Yup, a hearty seafood dinner to celebrate the joyous occassion and end the holidays.


nise said...

WHAT!!! you guys went sri petaling for steamboat WITHOUT ME!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH........ :P hell, but my housemates belanja me homemade 'emperor chicken', so still ok lah.. heehee

firethorn said...

nyeh nyeh nyeh...i think dad had craving for steamboat, so I ikut aje laa..hahaha..

lai wan said...

hey u go sri petaling eat steamboat shld invite me & yiling mah, is very near to my house (",)
yi ling and i go to singapore on hari raya, u know we got con at the bugis junction leh, detail info personnally tell u ;p dont let the guy know otherwise they will say we very stupid.

firethorn said...

aiyo...why so cham leh? next time kenot be so blur d. must open eyes big-big ok.

Fill me in the details later k? so that I can take precaution too.

eh, dat day i went steamboat with family la..how to invite you two lar :P

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