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I had a weird dream last night, spooky to say the least. It goes something like this...
I realised I was dead and has become a ghost, together with 2 other friends, which I couldn't remember who. I don't know why I was dead though. We were sort of hurrying for something, as our bodies were going to vanish within few days in the "human world". We had "unfinished business". I remember feeling afraid and confused after finding out I was a ghost. Then one of my friends told us we had to prepare for our own burial - to dig our own graves. So the last thing I remembered was us digging our own grave holes...S-P-O-O-K-Y!! :S
Well, does anyone know how to interpret this weird dream of mine? Anyway I've already got one, read this "dream diagnosis" from my BF...
"I assume the reason of why you're dead in the first place is not known. However, having 2 friends with you means that you're the kind of person that doesn't like to be lonely. Even in afterlife? 
This is the part (digging graves) that i don't really understand. You have a few more days to stay in this world and you know that you're vanishing. Why on earth are you guys digging your graves? I can think of 1001 better things to do for a ghost. Example....scare ppl....do things that I don't normally do in real life.....or if you want to earn enough credit to go into heaven...try to do some good deeds before I am completely gone.
Summary of patient's dream:
- Dream is always the opposite in real life....so no worries...you're not dying soon
- Should learn better time management even in after life. ;-)
- Possibly watched too much of Japanese / Korean ghost story. Hihi"
Anyone has better "diagnosis" than this? :P

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