Fear Factor gathering at Sunway

Last friday after work, I was eager to meet these group of people who participated in the first ever Fear Factor Malaysia challenge. Nix had invited me to join him at the Taj's Curry House (mamak stall next to Sunway Pyramid) and I agreed.

I could recognised a few faces whom I have saw on the previous episodes of Fear Factor. It was surely a funny feeling to be sitting there with those people. They exuded enthusiasm and allow me to say that a "fearless" energy enveloped around them. This was a bunch of "crazy enough" people. Oh, by the way, yes, that includes my boyfriend too.

And, of course, if you happened to catch the first episode of Fear Factor, you would have noticed a guy participant who won at the end. Yeah, the male model called Usamah. I thought his name sounded familiar. Sure enough, he was one of the contestants for this year Cleo Bachelors. Look it up gals, yep, he was on the magazine cover. Oh, what about him? No big deal, but I did meet him on last Friday. Yeah, he did look like one of the popular guys around..haha...(well, I did noticed that the gals like to be around him *wicked grin) now I know why he was one of the Cleo Bachelors :P

Not going to sidetrack further, we're supposed to meet up to catch last Friday's Fear Factor episode together. So all of us (*about 40 people) were at the mamak's shop, shouting and cheering to the participant whenever a challenge was completed. (*Oh, of course I cheered too) The mamak's waiters must have been wondering what was all the fuss about.

Well, it was commendable that they did actually organise to get all participants together. Though I did feel left out of their conversations about all the fun things they did.

Oh, I heard they're gonna organise another meeting this Friday, probably somewhere in SS2 or Bandar Utama. So guys, if you wanna meet this bunch of crazy guys, make sure you hang around these 2 places..haha.. (*where would I be? nah, I prefer staying home watching the show in peace..hehehe)

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