Pan Mee @ Taman Miharja

Food: Pan Mee
Location: Taman Miharja (the housing garden opposite Jusco Maluri)
Price: RM4.80 (small)
Side Order: Pork balls (RM2 for 12 balls)
Type of Eatery: Road side stall

I've been itching to try out the Pan Mee at Miharja for the past few weeks, ever since my sis told me about how tasty it is. And I was working from home on last Friday. So I took the opportunity to cari makan on that Friday's lunch.

I picked up my lil sis from school, sent her friend home, then got stucked in the jam for 20 mins before getting to the Pan Mee stall. I obviously do not know what's so special about this stall's pan mee, but I was determined to try it out. With my sis as the navigator, getting there was a breeze. If you know where PGRM or Jusco Maluri is, then locating this stall is pretty easy. See the self drawn map below. Coming from main road in front of Jusco, turn left when you see Caltex station. Then turn into the 2nd street on your left. You can start to find parking. The stall is in front of the flats, just beside the curb corner, under some big trees. You'll see the auntie and uncle manning the few big pots of soup. And you'll know it's the pan mee stall.

We ordered the pan mee (soup) each and add on a bowl of pork balls (zhu yok yun). Aaa..the pork balls are yummy. The pan mee soup is normal stuff with the vege and minced pork etc. But the differerence is, they add on the parsley (the garnishing leafy vege you normally get in the restaurant dishes). The parsley add a different kind of flavour to the soup. Personally, I think the pan mee is nothing special. The Pandan Indah pan mee would be better than this. Oh, the chillies...it was supert hot! See the pics I took of the food.

Give it a try and tell me if this stall's pan mee taste better. You can also see this blogger's review and more pics of this pan mee stall.

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