Scarifices before marriage & why you wear the wedding ring on the 4th finger

Last night, I was doing idling surfing and read some interesting posts which I would like share them here.

I came across an
interesting post about women by Twiggy. Speaking of which, makes me think about how much a woman sacrifices in her married life. I bet these sacrifces come along as we go about life, it's a continuous decision we've to make. Perhaps it's due to conventional perception of a woman's role in the family & the society, that these sacrifices are usually taken for granted. And failing to do so, that woman would be despised by the society.

As a woman, have you ever thought about :
1. How ready you are to make sacrifices?
2. If you are ready, what are the sacrifices are you willing to make? (eg. your work, time, dignity etc.)
3. Are you willing to compromise with your spouse?
4. If you are not willing to compromise or sacrifice your stuffs, are you going to "force" your spouse to do it instead?
5. If #4 doesn't work, will you think twice about getting married to the man you thought was your Mr. Right?

Of course there are more questions to think of, but it just got me thinking about the singlehood freedom I enjoyed currently. Of course there are certain sacrifices & compromises here and there, but I don't think it's not to a very serious of "magnificent" degree yet. But getting in a marriage is a big thing, it's a constant decision to stay true to your promises, to love your spouse and family, to be willing to give when the need occurs.

Also came across this interesting post by unknowngurl on
why the ring (especially the wedding ring) is usually worn on the fourth finger. You may have heard of it before, it is basically :
1. Position your hands as if you are praying, all finger tips on right hand touching the matching finger tips on left hand.
2. Except for the middle fingers, you have to bend them in towards the palm of each hand, while making sure the other fingers stay in position as in #1.
3. While making sure the remaining fingers are still touching, try to separate these finger pairs in this sequence: thumbs, second finger, last finger and the fourth finger.

You will notice that it's very hard to separate the 4th finger no matter how hard you try. You will feel the pain when you force them to separate. And how does this relate to which finger you wear your ring? Here's the interpretation:
  • Thumbs - your parents, you will leave them when you are independent, get married, and also they will leave you when they are of old age.
  • Second finger - your siblings, you will separate when you are all grown up and have your own families.
  • Last finger - your children, they will leave you when they are grown up and have their own families
  • Fourth finger - your spouse, both of you stick together through ups and downs, and through your lives. And if you try to separate, you will feel the pain!
Got it? :-) Speaking of which, did u read the news about this man from China proposed to his girlfriend on AirAsia's inaugural flight from GuangZhou to Malaysia? I don't know if this sounds romantic to you ladies out there, but I certainly don't think I want that :P Think of what you are going to do and how are you going to react for the rest of your flight? Ish..nothing romantic about it at all. But something good did come out of it, the girl consented of course, and AirAsia granted the couple free return tickets to Phuket.

Guys, since you always say that you are the brainier lot, come out with better way to propose ok? ;-)

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Aronil said...

Hehe that is very interesting. I gave the finger thing a try and I can see why they use it.

As for the sacrifices bit, I think about it sometimes, and when I really really ponder about it. I'd give anything to my other half, which would sometimes bring a tear to me. If that means I love the person... yeah I guess you can say i do :)

Good post, sparky!

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